Top Textbooks available on Chegg

Top Textbooks available on CheggTextbooks are essential in order to receive even basic education.However, sometimes, the textbooks pose to be more expensive than other educational essentials. And that’s when Chegg comes to your rescue! It is an American education technology company based in Santa Clara, California, specializing in providing online textbook rentals or students, both in physical as well as digital formats. Along with this, they also offer homework help, online tutoring, scholarships and internship matching.

1. The Wadsworth Guide to Reading Textbooks:

This unique textbook comes from Cengage Learning and is useful for people who need to know about the skills and strategies required to successfully read college-level materials. This third edition of this book is divided into four parts, each dealing extensively with different topics. Part one goes on about the aspects of the textbooks while part two encourages you not to indulge into distractions, manage time, take notes as well as read critically. Part Three deals with subjective questions, testing the person’s knowledge about what was imparted now whereas fourth part features four full-length textbook chapters from actual business, physical sciences, history and sociology texts.

1. Intermediate Algebra:

One of the most sought-after books one could find on Chegg is Intermediate Algebra. It’s a textbook, for the modern, advanced students. It is written in a concise manner, with continuous review and contemporary applications strewn around the text. The book offers perfect directions to show you how mathematics connects to your modern world. The author has shown his passion for teaching mathematics. The book has offered guided practice, review and reinforcement, so that it’ll help you build the skills you require concerning Algebra. The textbook is from Charles P. McKeague, who have already written good stack of books concerning different topics.

1. Understanding Basic Statistics:

To all the people who find statistics difficult, this one’s for you. Understanding Basic Statistics is a more condensed and even more streamlined version of another book by the name Brase and Brase’s Understandable statistics (10th edition). This book is an effective and compelling compilation of essentials of statistics, including early coverage of regression, within a more limited time frame. The textbook is written by Henry Charles, Corrinne Brase, and PellilloBrase. If you rent this book, Chegg usually offer free shipping, along with rental returns, as well as 21-day refund guarantee.

1. Top Girls:

Top Girls is a very interesting text, written by Caryl Churchill. It focuses on the major themes of contemporary life. A feminist ambition is a clear central theme, and Churchill has done it rather uniquely. Top girls is a classic of contemporary theatre, Churchill’s play is often seen as a landmark for a new generation of playwrights. Chegg coupon code are something which’ll come in handy when you’ll finally realize that this book is expensive everywhere, but not on Chegg. The book is available in top condition, and you’ll not have any complaints from the experience of reading a classic book.

1. Speaking your way to the top:

This book is for the introverts out there. This book is a rather professional’s key to success in the workplace. The National Speakers Association and Toastmasters International are some of the two of the largest and most influential public speaking groups – and they have their endorsements to this book, making it even more valuable. Brody Marjorie has done a good job while writing this text book, and if you want to take it on a not-so-much expensive rate, you could always Chegg coupon code!

1. Computer Networking:

Computer Networking is very essential, especially in today’s world, as almost the whole of the World has gotten digital. This text works its way, first from the application layer, and from then, the physical layer. It motivates readers by exposing them to important concepts early in their study of networking. There is a hoard of sample questions asked, so that you could answer them correctly, in order to gain insight and understand how much you have understood. The book is in absolutely perfect condition, and there are a number of offers on the rent or purchasing of this book on Chegg.

1. Textbooks and War:

Education has always linked with war, with both the factors subtly influencing each other. This volume reflects on the role played by the textbook in this complicated relationship of wars and education. The perspectives used are historical and multinational, so as to understand this concept rather precisely. Eugenia Vera has considered both current and historical textbooks, often through a bi-national comparative approach, the editors and contributors have studied various important aspects of this dynamic relationship, the effacement of international wars, as well as the obscuration of intra-national conflict through the ways in which a civil war is portrayed.

1. Introduction to Language Development:

McLaughlin Scott has done a thorough job writing this much needed book. It is an excellent introductory level textbook that presents the basic concepts and terminology related to different aspects of developing language. The book is extremely insightful and enhances students’ understanding of language development through the unique and subtle biological, cognitive, social and behavioral dynamics that explain the development of the language. One of the famous books on Chegg, it directs the readers in the right way, when it comes to Language Development.

1. Talk like TED:

TED Talks are something everything wishes to achieve. Carmine Gallo, the author, talks about the drill about all this hullabaloo in a precise, understandable manner. Carmine Gallo, public speaking coach and a bestselling author, has explored the key points which leads to successful presentation. He has studied various kinds of TED Talks and the presenters, before concluding these points in this book. Those who are quite insecure about their public speaking abilities and are unaware about the tools to communicate the ideas that mater most to them, this book is for you! It will tell you about honing the skill to win over hearts and minds and the required confidence to deliver the talk of their lives.

1. Roblox Top Adventure Games:

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. This book is printed to tackle just that! The book is a concise mixture of popular adventure games on Roblox. From the Bloxy Award-winning Jailbreak and Lumber Tycoon 2 to the massively popular Heroes of Robloxia and Apocalypse Rising, this is one of the best action-packed books. There’s a guide to gameplay, informative interviews with the creators of these massive games as well as tips and tricks for honing your skills and helping you to level up.

As said earlier, textbooks are the primary source of understanding education and its elements, and this is where Chegg comes to your rescue! Chegg is a reliable online portal, helping the students and mere curious information seekers to gain the knowledge that will help them in their life in future. With the rental service provided, Chegg perhaps becomes one of the few to offer their products in a more affordable rate.

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