Karnataka Rajyotsava - The Dawn & Existence of Karnataka

karnatakaHow many of you residing in Karnataka have pointed out 1stNovember on your vacation list, planning getaways/trips and lazy breakfasts, secure in the knowledge that it’s a public holiday? While you all know that it’s Kannada Rajyotsava, but do you know what it signifies? Let us look back into the history to understand its importance.

A Quick Glance at What Kannada Rajyotsava is all about

Rajyotsava meaning ‘state festival’ commemoratedon 1stNovember back in 1956, when all Kannada language-speaking region of south India amalgamated together to form the state of Karnataka. Originally the state was called as Mysore but it was not a popular choice with some northern parts of Karnataka and considered too reminiscent of the old princely regiment. Eventually after two decades, the name was changed to Karnataka with the passing of the Mysore State Act (Alternation of Name Act, 1973). The entire credit for this historic point choice owes to the then Chief Minister of the state Late D. Devaraj Urs.

Amidst several festivals that are celebrated with great pomp & grandeur across the state, none of them matches the splendor of ‘Kannada Rajyotsava’.  1stNovember highlights the love and pride for the state and its language wherein all Kannadigas (people of Karnataka) irrespective of their caste/creed/race, come together to memorialize the formation of the state. The entire state wears the merry & festive look on this day, Red & Yellow as the Karnataka unofficial flag is hoisted at various important locations and the state anthem (Jaya Bhratha Jananiya Tanujate) is sung. In addition to this, Kannada banners are lifted at key areas across the state and populace can be seen decked up in red and yellow hued colored traditional attire. Men can be seen wearing yellow and red turban while females magnificently convey yellow and red hued saris. Several schools, colleges, corporates and offices celebrate the day and invite folk artists who showcase Karnataka state’s rich and glorious tradition via the medium of dance, drama, music and processions. 

On this day, state government bestows Rajyotsava awards to people who have contributed noteworthy way toward the progress & worked for continuous development of Karnataka including players who have won various medals in different games and famed the name of state and country globally. On the other hand, the idol of the Goddess Bhuvaneshwari mounted on an astonishingly enriched vehicle which makes Rajyotsava more bright, symbolic and distinct from other celebrations. Likewise, a brilliant parade along with dazzling exhibitions by the society specialists in the areas like show, move and traditional music are performed at different regions of the state.

This year Karnataka Rajyotsava turns 62! But the state has centuries of history to tell. Kannada language has an intact literary history of more than a thousand years and with over 38 million speakers, it is one of the 40 most spoken languages worldwide. The state of Karnataka swanks of a rich & varied culture, and wide spectrum of distinct customs & traditions.

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