India's 5 Revolutionary Activists

India's 5 Revolutionary Activists

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 29 April 2013, 09:40 Hrs   |    10 Comments
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Bangalore: “You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results,” said the great Mahatma Gandhi. This is indeed true and there are activists who decided to walk the talk. Here are 5 Indians activists who have had the courage to raise their voice and who made a difference in the society.

Anna Hazare:
Anna Hazare is a name that is known to every Indian. Hazare took the nation by a storm as he led movements to eliminate corruption, promote rural development, increase government transparency, and investigate and punish official corruption. He also frequently conducted hunger strikes to further his causes. Hazare’s indefinite hunger strike to exert pressure on the Indian government to enact a stringent anti-corruption law, the Jan Lokpal Bill, led to nation-wide protests in support. He was also named among top 100 global thinkers for the year 2011 by Foreign Policy magazine and was named among the most-trusted personalities in India by a survey.

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Reader's comments(10)
1: How come Arundathi Roy become a revolutionary.Is it because she talks frequently against our Country.
Posted by:Ganesh - 09 Jun, 2013
2: Arundhati Roy is doing her best employing every tool of dissent she is in command of and by doing so she fights for real democracy and real development in India.The fact that she has no vested interests in her fight against globalization and imperialism. She takes a lot of risks in criticizing Indian state and the forces that control the lives of helpless masses of India. She deserves our support in all possible ways.
V.N.Laxminarayana, Mysore
Posted by:VNLnarayana - 01 May, 2013
3: I don't agree with Arundhati Roy, She is Pseudo intellectual and Anti-India.
Posted by:Prashanth C - 30 Apr, 2013
4: Sorry, I do not agree with Arundhati Roy. It should be Kiran Bedi or some one else.
Posted by:Aman - 30 Apr, 2013
5: All agreed but for Arundhati Roy. She is a poseur, phony and will do anything to promote herself. You may have chosen Sunita Narain or Vandana Shiva or somebody. But choosing Arundhati Roy is like brutally humiliating the other four. She absolutely does not deserve this honour.
Posted by:PRASAD SN - 30 Apr, 2013
As far as I've read Arundhati Roy and I understand her,she is world class at par with Noam Chomsky and beyond comparision with Vandana or Sunita, not phony
ANANTA NARAYAN I Replied to: PRASAD SN - 01 May, 2013
7: Anna Hazare - nice job by govt think tank.
Posted by:Pavan - 29 Apr, 2013
8: As per our first hand experience Lavasa in India has become a hotbed of City Sponsored Terrorism. In a democratic India , Lavasa is a unique city where fundamental rights of people are massacred at will with full support of the Top Management. The Special Planning Authority given to Lavasa is being used against the citizens at will. It is this Special Planning Authority that is the reason for such power going to the heads of Lavasa Management.

In the documented words of Scot Wrighton, the American City Manager of Lavasa " I have grown frustrated as I deal with a business climate poisoned by the government and a lazy media that depicts Lavasa as a place that is just a city for the wealthy, where environmental norms are flagrantly violated, and where we steal villager land."

With that kind of mentality one can imagine the plight of residents there.

No one dare raise an issue in Lavasa else the City management sends goons dressed in security uniform and takes over private properties of the complainer. Terrorizing people, manhandling them, issuing threats of dire consequences and trailing people, all happens in Lavasa. I have personally experienced my investments in Lavasa being taken over forcefully,with the use of guns and other weapons by Lavasa Corporation and have also known of locks of many personal houses being changed by them without the prior knowledge of the owner. The house owner is then forced to travel to Lavasa, cough up a tidy sum to get the house keys back. That is Lavasa for you.

We have invested in Lavasa and seen all our investments evaporate. Beware, before you meet the same end that we have met. Please help us recover our investments.
Posted by:Lavasa Investor - 29 Apr, 2013
Can you elaborate
1.Why was this treatment given to you.
2.Did you file Police complaint?
3.So did you sell off your investment in Lavasa now?
Golu Replied to: Lavasa Investor - 30 Apr, 2013
Lavasa would never give reasons for their actions, many of them being blatantly illegal and in complete violations of Fundamental Rights,We would have written scores of mails including many addressed to the Board of Directors of Lavasa and HCC, but failed to get a reply. They simply do not reply and there is no mechanism available to approach anyone else. One can go and sit for hours together and then will be told "why are you sitting here, no one is available to meet you".

Very few police personnel are based in Lavasa Hill City and all of them stay in houses provided by Lavasa, eat in the canteen of Lavasa, transported by Lavasa and also provided other amenities. So no point in going to them.

Lavasa is fully and dictatorially managed by its administration whether it is water, power, roads, access, houses, businesses. Anyone who raises a complaint is threatened and since it is only a business or residential investor who would raise a compliant, they would be coerced into submission. It is not unusual for bouncers to be placed in front of the houses to intimidate people.

We tried selling off our business about 1 year back but was persuaded by them to stay back only to find that they had a devious plan to take over our business completely. THEY HAVE RUINED US COMPLETELY. No notice and no communication was ever given and in truly third class road side goonda style they sent across goons with guns to threaten our employees, manhandle them and forcibly shutting down an operational food business. Also it is difficult to sell-off any investment in Lavasa due to the environment violation tag.

We have read in news papers that they have been earlier grabbed land of villagers and tribals in the region, which we cannot confirm, but we have experienced that they have become business and property grabbers. It has become the CAPITAL of inhumane activities and denial of Fundamental Rights.
Lavasa Investor Replied to: Golu - 30 Apr, 2013