CloudMounter: All-in-One Cloud Manager for your Online Files

CloudMounter: All-in-One Cloud Manager for your Online Files

According to the Statista report, in 2017, more than 1.8 billion people used personal cloud storage all over the world. And if you are someone with a great storage need or use SSD as your storage medium with limited enough storage capacity, CloudMounter is definitely the appropriate tool for you that you should embrace. Quite similar to the desktop client app of Dropbox and Google Drive, CloudMounter helps to tackle the low disk storage issue by allowing you to access your cloud files directly via file manager. CloudMounter provides remote access to your cloud files instead of storing them locally by bringing online stored files back to your desktop in a clean and familiar manner. CloudMounter makes your cloud accounts easy to reach. You can use a number of different cloud storage services through CloudMounter. It supports Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Wasabi, FTP, FTPS, and SFTP servers, WebDAV servers, OpenStack Swift storage system. Moreover, you can use one account of each of the most popular cloud services for free.

How to Use CloudMounter?

Whereas a personal license for CloudMounter will costs you an affordable fee, you can try it out for 14 days free of charge in the beginning. Available for Mac, Windows and Linux, on downloading you will be endowed with the CloudMounter window, which is quite simple to understand. CloudMounter appears like a local disk drive on your computer. It's literally like having everything stored on your local PC. CloudMounter includes status alerts to know if files are accessible, which are uploading or downloading, and whether you run into any errors during a transfer.


As CloudMounter is a well-organized app, it is protected from any unauthorized access thanks to AES256. If in case, the user's password compromised accidently, no one will be able to access his/her personal information. Further because of the flawless integration into Finder, CloudMounter provides you with direct access to your online information. CloudMounter uses standard API of cloud services. It means that the app neither store nor transmit your personal information to any third parties. CloudMounter is also backed by a team that works relentlessly for updating the user on a new version of CloudMounter and provide service 24/7.

Safety Focused

CloudMounter protects your all online files with the advanced features and there is a minimum risk of encryption. CloudMounter is the safe, secure and solid bridge between your cloud storage and your computer. In fact for safety of the data, a temporary copy of the file is stored on your computer until the operation is completed and deleted afterward. CloudMounter secures your data or cloud files without any damage.

In the scenario of a fast-paced life, people seldom today likes to carry removable disks for transferring data from one drive to another, instead, they prefer dedicated cloud services that will let them access the data anytime and from anywhere. In a nutshell, it can be said that CloudMounter brings the power of really secure and powerful encryption to any user.

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