This Indian Engineer Just Ditched Cisco For Its Biggest Rival

Bangalore: Software defined networking (SDN) is currently considered to be the hottest trend in the enterprise space. Almost every single networking company has their pants up as they all are ready to embrace this world defying technology. And so is networking giant, Cisco. But recently the company got a major blow from this technology.

Cisco just lost one of their key executives, Prashant Gandhi who was the senior director for SDN, to a rival startup, Big Switch Networks. This move must have hurt Cisco a lot because Gandhi was considered to be one of their key executives.

Why did Prashant Gandhi leave Cisco?

Gandhi is now the vice president of Product Management at Big Switch Networks. At Cisco, he was the senior director of product management and marketing in the company’s data center group. Now the big question, why did Gandhi leave Cisco? Certainly a hard question to answer, but there are some interesting facts that we can bridge up to this matter.

At Cisco, Gandhi was not just an executive; he was the think-tank behind Cisco’s biggest attempt to create its own SDN. Yes, he led the project called Cisco ONE Controller. Apart from that, he had also worked on Cisco’s software switch, the Nexus 1000V.

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