15 Most Expensive Domain Names of All Time

15 Most Expensive Domain Names of All Time

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Bangalore: Everyone agrees the fact that having a good domain name can really enthuse and motivate your business. If you are having a couple of dollars, sitting at your attic, dusted and worn, then feel free to throw some on these names that can ensure fame, reputation and sometimes even notoriety.

Over these years, the internet world has made some pretty good cash from selling and bidding, some of the most famous and notorious dot-coms domains. The market for these domains still remains strong and continues to grow day by day.

So if you have are having a cool and catchy domain name at hand, don’t look further. Try selling it over the internet- the obvious way to make more money. One of the most interesting facts in these domain names is that some can cost just as little as $2, while some can go over millions. But there is a catch in the business. Throwing tons of money for a domain name doesn’t ensure that it can get you the much needed traffic. There are many cases where the purchase of a domain name has turned itself into a pretty waste of money. So hold on to your seats, as we start the count-down to the most expensive domain name in the internet history.

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Reader's comments(1)
1: no wonder why the word S@X sells best....
Posted by:Fallen - 05 Sep, 2012