10 Awesome Data Centers Across the Globe

Bangalore: Data center requirements have considerably changed since the past 10 to 15 years. Today, we have remote access capabilities which enable data centers to be built anywhere in the world and then be accessed from anywhere through internet connections. Businesses today have become environmentally conscious in maintaining criteria to get the best locations.

Data centers are becoming more and more of a necessity for businesses of all sizes. In a world where transactions are constantly taking place in the digital realm, high density colocation is a must. This allows businesses to store massive amounts of files, whether it’s classified documents, payroll information, or anything in between. One of the most convenient aspects of a data center is that it is physically outside of the actual business, effectively alleviating any fears of theft or damage to a hard drive. With hacking becoming more prevalent, a storage option like this is a must.

So let us look at the best data centers of the world today which meet the needs required, as compiled by CIO.com.

#10 Bahnof Modular Data Center, Kista, Sweden

Bahnof is known to lease traditional data center space across many locations. But it is said that in Kista, (Sweden) it is building a modular facility made of a central, inflatable hub that can connect to three portable armored steel rooms that contains a data centre hardware.

In the coming days when it is expected to open, the inflatable hub will serve as an office as well as a space for unpacking gear headed hardware rooms. According to Bahnof, this does not require huge initial investments as it will grow on as the demand increases.

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