Avoid Risk! Start Business in These 7 New Industries

BANGALORE: Very often, people feel bit risky to enter into the flooded business markets. Reasons are quite clear as for one particular sector you would find thousand industries. Countering the common belief, all businesses do not spring up from an idea. An industry can be initiated by spotting a gap or requirement in the market – when Sachin and Binny Bansal speckled the need for an e-commerce portal which is crafted for the Indian market, they came up with Flipkart.

Looking for opportunities, ideas? Here is the list to boost your thoughts as compiled by Inc.com.

1. Yoga

With the world recognising the health benefits of yoga, the ancient Indian art of keeping fit is going places fuelling a $27 billion industry in America where some 20 million people practice it. There are yoga clubs, yoga magazines and yoga sites all over North America.

In a country like India, the competition for the health clubs is very low. Along with the Yoga classes, one can open up a business of Yoga exercise related products like Yoga Pants and other accessories.

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