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Question :I would like to know about kinds of Job opportunities in FMCG sector

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FMCG covers a range of sectors and job titles within retail. You could work as a sales assistant on the shop floor, boss people around in management or work behind the scenes as a buyer or merchandiser. Each of these has very difficult responsibilities, but can all sell FMCG.

Although daily duties are different for every role you’re likely to start out as a sales assistant on the shop floor. Spending a lot of time on your feet, the job involves:

  • Serving customers
  • Displaying products
  •  Overseeing deliveries
  •  Handling payments
  • Helping with special promotions

Once you get to management, you’re given a lot more responsibilities which include:

  • Managing and motivating staff
  • Dealing with any customer queries or complaints
  • Ordering and managing stock
  • Making sure sales targets are hit
  • Budgeting for the store
  • Recruiting and training staff 
  • Forecasting future sales
  • Responding to customer demand


Although you’ll have your own office, don’t think you can hide away from the shop floor, as you’ll still be needed there on a frequent basis.

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