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What if not IIMs! B-School Survey – 2024

The world is on a significant growth trajectory today, given the abundant of evolutions happening across economies. Hence, earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a wise choice for professionals aiming to advance in their careers. In today’s rapidly evolving business and corporate environment, strong management skills are essential for both organizations and employees to progress. This often involves transitioning and aiming for higher positions, which can lead individuals towards entrepreneurship, where they can tap into their strengths and resources. With a thriving entrepreneurial landscape, many aspire to test their business ideas, while others seek to climb the corporate ladder in established organizations.

Management education has experienced a great boost today, owing to the overwhelming demands from across industries. Considering an MBA at IIM is of course a compelling option, but non-IIMs are good too to get admitted into MBA courses. These esteemed institutions offer top-notch education delivered by professors with profound subject knowledge. However, in recent years, the advancing curriculum clubbed with deep industrial exposure has emphasized and advanced the lookout of MBAs. Today more and more Indians are seeking MBA degrees to improve their employability opportunities. With the growing emphasis on academic awareness, management schools, apart from the IIMs, have made all their offerings available, providing specialized management studies with additional benefits and channels. This is aimed at ensuring proper education for students beyond just reading.

At Siliconindia, we have consistently taken a leading role in addressing these issues and aim to continue doing so in the future. That’s why siliconindia Education edition ‘What if Not IIMs B-School Survey-2024’ endeavors to provide our readers with valuable research, detailed information, and comprehensive insights into the policies, practices, operations, and advantages offered by these private institutions.

Aim of this Survey

The survey is designed to raise awareness among students and parents about the effectiveness of established private business schools and the diverse experiences they offer. It aims to empower them to make informed decisions that can pave the way for successful careers. Through this survey, siliconindia Education is committed to supporting aspiring MBA students, companies, and institutions by addressing inquiries related to the featured educational institutions.


The design of the survey seeks to educate students and their families about the academic prowess of current private business schools and the enriching experiences they provide. This comprehensive compilation of organizations is acknowledged for guiding the student-parent community in making well-informed decisions and embarking on a trajectory towards a successful career. siliconindia Education is positioned to aid prospective MBA candidates, businesses, and institutions, and address inquiries pertaining to the aforementioned institutions through this survey.


siliconindia Education employs both quantitative and qualitative assessment parameters to ensure a robust and comprehensive evaluation framework. The survey and grading methodology is meticulously devised by compiling an extensive list of contemporary management institutes that have demonstrated their significant presence in recent times. Each institute is meticulously hand-picked by our panel of experts, who emphasize selecting only the top-tier and unparalleled business institutes in the country.

Over 50 percent of the invited institutes chose to participate in the survey, which was a multi-step, extensive classification process. An internal panel carefully examines each of the B Schools that have been shortlisted for participation, giving each one of them careful consideration in relation to the four criteria of Academic Excellence, Infrastructure, Industry-Interface, and Placements.

Over 50 percent of the invited institutes chose to participate in the survey, which was a multi-step, extensive classification process. An internal panel carefully examines each of the B Schools that have been shortlisted for participation, giving each one of them careful consideration in relation to the important criteria of Academic Excellence, Infrastructure, Placements, Industry-Interface, Foreign Collaborations, Alumni Network, Remarkable B-schools, Placements. Shortlisted B-Schools are put through a highly intricate & detailed questionnaire answering, enquiring on facilities, functionality, student-professor ratio, student gender ratio, Qualifying Entrance Test, faculty experience and educational offerings. The answers submitted are then analyzed and credits are awarded based on their stated answers that further undergo a stringent audit & scrutiny. Unlike many unilateral surveys conducted, ours is a bilateral one wherein we float a unique blend of self- acknowledgment and assessment process thereby making it the most accurate categorization available. The credibility of participated institutes was judged based on their academic excellence, placements, infrastructure, industry interaction, and accreditation (A+, A++ & A+++) and accordingly listed.

We firmly believe that reviewing the institutions included in our compilation will assist you in discovering your true calling and achieving a fulfilling and successful future. The detailed information presented here is a valuable resource for personal research and decision-making. Whether you aspire to start your own business journey or enter the professional world, the institutions listed here promise to offer everything a 21st-century business aspirant dreams of. siliconindia Education serves as a valuable resource for MBA aspirants, current students, colleges, alumni, and recruiters seeking to stay updated on changing educational standards and current placement trends. In this rapidly evolving industry, we present the thoroughly researched ‘What if Not IIMs! B-School Survey - 2024’, which has been meticulously prepared by an experienced panel of educators, HR professionals from renowned companies, and the siliconindia Education Editorial Board. We hope that this initiative proves to be beneficial for you on your path to a successful career.
All India B-School Ranking - 2024
FORE School of Management
New Delhi
Aurora's Business School
Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management
New Delhi
BITS School of Management (BITSoM)
Amity University
New Delhi
Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research (We School)
Christ University Institute of Management (CUIM)
SDM Institute for Management Development (SDM-IMD)
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