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Aplethora of institutions today offer management education. Of lakhs of young Indians who appear for the entrance exams, only a handful of them make it to the top institutions like IIM. However with the increase in awareness with respect to the academia, post graduation is no more a forte of the handful and this is where, management schools, save from the IIMs come into play, offering the niche management studies but with a different twist so that the students not only read but duly understand education. Previously, management studies spelt overseas education that in turn calculated to enormous capital investment that is not a cup of tea for many. However, the Indian private colleges are giving the Ivy leagues and other educational institutions a run for their money by increasing their academic standards and ditching run-of-the-mill pedagogy that was available only abroad. Challenging the notion of the concurring archaic pedagogy and the respective graduates receiving a the best of worlds, private colleges offer best placements opportunities , industrial interface and contemporary industry influenced academia and a chance for a holistic development, that is attracting the cream of the business market and the best of talent . Notably, some of the young successful entrepreneurs who are not from these IIMs like Kunal Shah (CEO of, Ritesh Agarwal (CEO of OYO Rooms) have caved their way into success from the education, knowledge they received from the colleges. Thus, there is always light at the end of tunnel, and students who were not able to make it to these top institutions always have this vast pool of private colleges to choose from and they can experience the same amount of knowledge and facilities being shared. Bearing this conundrum in mind, siliconindia Education's `What if Not IIMs B-School Survey-2018' has been curated to aid our readers with a thorough research, in depth information and highly furnished answers pertaining to the policies, practices and functionalities of these private institutions.

The main focus behind bringing out this survey is to ensure that the students and their parents are aware of the knowledge of existing private business schools and the versatile experiences they can accumulate. It helps them with the potential of making the right choices which guides them in building a successful career. With this survey, siliconindia Education points on aiding the budding MBA aspirants, companies and institutes and answer questions pertaining to the listed institutions.

The survey is initiated with a compilation of an exhaustive list of contemporary management institutes. Each of the institutes is approached with a comprehensive questionnaire focusing their functionality, facilities, student-professor ratio and educational offerings where 60 of the invited institutes opt to participate in the survey. The results are obtained after undertaking a stringent audit and scrutiny of the answers provided and thus institutes are credited based on this. A detailed assessment on academic excellence, placements, infrastructure, industry interaction and accreditation (A+, A++, A+++) plays a key role for rating the credibility of the institution.At siliconindia Education, we harbour a mission to provide you with precise information, enabling you to harness its absolute potential for personal research and future prospects. Priding itself with a large readership, siliconindia education is deployed by MBA aspirants, current students, colleges, alumni and recruiters to keep themselves abreast of the ongoing in the education world and its brand association with top companies also accentuates their placement activities. In this highly fluctuating industry, we rely on our diligent research by an experienced panel of educationalists, HRs from prestigious companies and siliconindia Education Editorial Board to bring to you the highly assessed `What if Not IIMs B-School Survey-2018' to cater to your high end research and we hope that it assists you in your pursuit for eminent management schools.

We hope this initiative proves to a beneficial one for you!

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