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What if not IIMs! B-School Survey – 2022

The business culture has just undergone a significant upheaval, necessitating a tough ascent in the hierarchy on the part of the firm and its workers. The human race is hard-wired to pursue a fulfilling profession. Transitioning from one stage to another is just as crucial as moving up the success ladder. We obviously mean switching. The paths of entrepreneurship frequently intersect. An entrepreneur is a change agent, for starters. The process of coming up with innovative methods to combine resources is called entrepreneurship. Therefore, resources are crucial for illuminating the path while one is engaged in the process..

Millions of students who want to launch and grow firms place a specific value on management studies. Some even intend to make their way up to the top management of premiere enterprises. It makes sense that when you hear the word MBA in India, you immediately think of an IIM. Why not. These elite institutions provide top-notch education supported by professors with indepth subject experience. The pandemic crisis of recent years, however, has levelled the playing field. Postgraduation is no more the domain of the privileged few due to greater understanding of the academic world. Horizons have expanded, and management schools—aside from the IIMs—have laid all of their cards on the table by providing specialised management studies with added benefits & channels so that students may properly comprehend education in addition to reading.

We at siliconindia have continued to be at the forefront of these issues and intend to do so going forward. Therefore, siliconindia Education’s `What if Not IIMs B-School Survey-2022’ has been curated to assist our readers with a thorough research, granular information and extensively furnished answers pertaining to the policies, practices, functionalities, and the perks of these private institutions.

Aim of this Survey

The primary goal of conducting this survey is to make sure that the participants—students and parents—are aware of the expertize of current private business schools and the range of experiences they can amass. It gives them the chance to make decisions that will help them develop successful careers. With this poll, siliconindia Education hopes to assist aspiring MBA candidates, businesses, and institutions and provide information about the universities featured.


The survey’s design is to inform students and their parents about the academic strength of the current private business schools and the variety of experiences they can impart. This extensive list of organizations is credited with assisting the student-parent community in making the best decisions and beginning the path to a prosperous career. Siliconindia Education is in a position to assist aspiring MBA candidates, businesses, and institutions, as well as respond to inquiries about the mentioned institutions, with the help of this survey.


Our evaluation framework for siliconindia education uses both quantitative and qualitative assessment criteria to guarantee its strength and thoroughness. The survey and grading technique is started by compiling a comprehensive list of modern management institutes that have made a significant influence recently. Our expert team carefully selected each institute, emphasising that they should only choose the greatest and most prestigious business schools in the nation.

60 percent of the invited institutes chose to participate in the survey, which was a multi-step, extensive classification process. An internal panel carefully examines each of the B Schools that have been shortlisted for participation, giving each school careful consideration in relation to the four criteria of Academic Excellence, Infrastructure-Facilities, Industry-Interface, and Placements.

Shortlisted B-Schools are asked to complete an extremely complex and thorough questionnaire that asks B-SCHOOL S U R V E Y - 2 0 2 2 WHAT IF NOT IIMs siliconindia Education about their facilities, functionality, student-to-professor ratio, gender ratio, qualifying entrance test, faculty experience, and educational programmes. The submitted answers are then examined, and credits are given based on their self-declared responses, which go through a rigorous audit and examination. Unlike many unilateral surveys conducted, ours is a bilateral one wherein we introduce a unique blend of self-acknowledgment and assessment process thereby making it the most accurate categorization available. The credibility of participated institutes was judged based on their academic excellence, placements, infrastructure, industry interaction, and accreditation (A+, A++ & A+++) and accordingly listed.

We fervently think that exploring the institutions we have gathered here will assist you in identifying your genuine calling and achieving a fruitful and fulfilling future. The precise information provided can be used as a tool for independent investigation and decisionmaking. The institutions listed below claim to deliver everything a business aspirant in the twenty-first century desires, whether you have plans to launch your own entrepreneurial adventure or step into the professional world. siliconindia MBA hopefuls, existing students, colleges, alumni, and recruiters are the ones who come up with education since they have the advantage of remaining on top of shifting educational norms and contemporaneous placement trends. In this highly fluctuating industry, relying on meticulous research by an experienced panel of educationalists, HRs from prestigious companies and siliconindia Education Editorial Board, we bring to you the highly assessed `What if Not IIMs! B-School Survey - 2022’ to be your companion in your route to a successful career. We hope this initiative proves to a beneficial one for you! We hope this initiative proves to a beneficial one for you!

All India B-School Ranking - 2022
ICFAI Business School
Management Development Institute
ICFAI Business School
Xavior Institute of Management
ICFAI Business School
Symbiosys Institute of Business Management
ICFAI Business School
Birla Institute of Management Technology
Gr. Noida
Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management
New Delhi
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
ICFAI Business School
Taxila Business School
Gems Business School
ITM University
KV Institute of Management and Information Science
Goa Institute of Management
MIT ADT University
NMIMS School of Business Management
Institute of Rural Management
Malaviya National Institute of Technology
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