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The management education upholds the pride of place for millions of students who aspire to pilot and develop businesses. IIMs justifiably have a good reputation among the MBA aspirants across India, as they render quality education, best of the faculty along with opulent growth opportunities. But these top B-Schools don't have enough seats for all the meritorious students, thereby giving rise to private MBA colleges that also offer the niche management studies, but with a different twist so that the students not only read but duly understand education. Today these Non-IIM institutes are working much harder to create a positive narrative around their institution. And with each passing year, they are also building the foundation for future CEOs & entrepreneurs, as well as making a place in the preference list of thousands of aspirants.

With flexible curriculum, introduction of international programmes, specialized courses, and centre of excellence for hands-on training, private B-Schools are bridging the gap between the industry and the academia. Many of these institutes collaborate with international universities/colleges, thereby giving aspirants an international exposure and chance to gain skill-set to conquer world. On the other hand, understanding the importance of placement for fresher graduates, these institutes not just associate with training companies for personality development programs but also tie-up with top corporates to let their students work on live-projects under the guidance of professionals through internship. This in-turn prepare them for the future challenges and in many cases, a better performance during internship have even locked job in the same company.

In India, majority of MBA aspirants compelled to choose B-schools based on their (and their friends'/relatives') perception of a B-School. In today's highly competitive environment, majority of business schools make exaggerated claims about their (and their students) performance which complicates matters and puts aspirants into great confusion, thereby raising the possibility bar of taking wrong decision pretty high. Bearing this conundrum in mind, siliconindia Education's `What if Not IIMs! B-School Survey ­ 2019' has been curated to aid students with an exhaustive research, in-depth information and highly furnished answers pertaining to the policies, practices, and functionalities of these private institutions.

With the vision of empowering students & their parents with the knowledge as well as understanding of the vital parameters to assess management schools and aiding them in taking the right decision, siliconindia Education performs this survey. Apart from guiding aspirants in building lucrative career and assisting numerous companies & institutes, the survey answers questions pertaining to the listed institutions.

The survey is initiated with a compilation of an exhaustive list of contemporary management institutes. The categorization process adopted by siliconindia Education is an elaborate and multi-step process where 60 percent of invited institutes opted to participate in the survey. Each B-School is approached with a highly detailed questionnaire (spotting their facilities, functionality, student-professor ratio and educational offerings) and rendered credits based on their self declared answers that further undergo a stringent audit & scrutiny. This unique blend of self acknowledgement and assessment process make it the most accurate categorization available. The credibility of participated institutes was judged based on their academic excellence, placements, infrastructure, industry interaction and accreditation (A+, A++& A+++) and accordingly listed.

At siliconindia Education, we harbor a vision to tender you with precise information, enabling you to harness its absolute potential for personal research and future prospects. Priding itself with a large readership, siliconindia Education is deployed by MBA aspirants, current students, colleges, alumni and recruiters to keep themselves abreast of the current happenings in the education world and its brand association with top companies also accentuates their placement activities. In this highly fluctuating industry, relying on diligent research by an experienced panel of educationalists, HRs from prestigious companies and siliconindia Education Editorial Board, we bring to you the highly assessed `What if Not IIMs! B-School Survey ­ 2019' to assist you in your pursuit for eminent management schools.

We hope this initiative proves to a beneficial one for you!

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