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What if not IIMs! B-School Survey – 2021

Of lately, the corporate ethos has changed drastically around us, requiring both, the organization & the workforce to seek rigorous ascend in the hierarchy. The human kind is naturally coded to aim for a successful career in life. Not just climbing up the ladder of success, but transitioning from one phase to another is equally important. We mean switching, of course. Often the paths are crossed at entrepreneurship. Well, for one thing, an entrepreneur is an agent of change. Entrepreneurship is the process of discovering new ways of combining resources. Therefore while one is in the process, resources play a very important role to light the way.

Management studies hold a special place for millions of students who aspire to pilot and develop businesses. Some even intend to make their way up to the top management of premiere enterprises. Worth a shot! It is understandable that the word MBA in India takes you directly to one of the IIMs. Why not? These premiere organizations offer the best in class education nurtured by faculty members with rich subject matter experience. However, past years pandemic crisis has levelled the playing field. Now with increased awareness with respect to the academia, post graduation is no more a forte of the select-few. Horizons are widened and management schools, save from the IIMs, have placed all their cards on their table, offering the niche management studies with added values & channels so that the students not only read but duly understand education.

We, at siliconindia, have remained, and resolve to remain in future, at the forefront of such questions- ready to answer. Therefore, siliconindia Education's `What if Not IIMs B-School Survey-2018' has been curated to assist our readers with a thorough research, granular information and extensively furnished answers pertaining to the policies, practices, functionalities, and the perks of these private institutions.

Aim of this Survey

The main focus behind bringing out this survey is to ensure that the students and their parents are aware of the knowledge of existing private business schools and the versatile experiences they can accumulate. It helps them with the potential of making the right choices that guide them in building a successful career. With this survey, siliconindia Education points on aiding the budding MBA aspirants, companies, and institutes and answer questions pertaining to the listed institutions.


This design of the survey is aimed at bringing enlightenment to students and their parents about academic prowess of the existing private business schools and the versatile experiences they can inculcate. This exhaustive list of institutions is attributed to helping the student-parent community to make the right choices and take that first step toward a successful career. With this survey, siliconindia Education is positioned to aid the budding MBA aspirants, companies and institutes and answer questions pertaining to the listed institutions.


siliconindia Education uses quantitative and qualitative assessment parameters, to ensure that the evaluation framework is both robust and comprehensive. The survey & grading methodology is initiated by collating an encyclopaedic list of contemporary management institutes that have marked their impactful presence in the recent past. Each institute has been hand-picked by our panel of experts who have put explicit stress on selecting only the best and second to none business institutes of the country.

The categorization process has been an elaborate one, while being multi-step process where 60 percent of invited institutes opted to participate in the survey. The B Schools shortlisted for participation are scrupulously scrutinized by an internal panel that spends a sizeable time in researching and analyzing each institute over the following four parameters, viz. Academic Excellence, Infrastructure-Facilities, Industry-Interface, and Placements.

Shortlisted B-Schools are required to fill out a highly intricate & detailed questionnaire enquiring on facilities, functionality, student-professor ratio, student gender ratio, Qualifying Entrance Test, faculty experience and educational offerings. The answers submitted are then analyzed and credits are awarded based on their self-declared answers that further undergo a stringent audit & scrutiny. Unlike many unilateral surveys conducted, ours is a bilateral one wherein we introduce a unique blend of self-acknowledgment and assessment process thereby making it the most accurate categorization available. The credibility of participated institutes was judged based on their academic excellence, placements, infrastructure, industry interaction, and accreditation (A+, A++ & A+++) and accordingly listed.

We ardently believe that going through the institutes that we have compiled here, will help you in finding your true call and achieve a productive and blissful future. The precise information furnished is a potential tool for personal research and decision making. Whether you envision starting your own entrepreneurial journey or drop a foot into the professional life, the institutes that have been compiled here promises to provide everything a business aspirant of the 21st century dreams of. siliconindia Education is the brainchild of MBA aspirants, current students, colleges, alumni and recruiters who have the upper hand in staying abreast with changing educational norms and concurrent placement trends. In this highly fluctuating industry, relying on meticulous research by an experienced panel of educationalists, HRs from prestigious companies and siliconindia Education Editorial Board, we bring to you the highly assessed `What if Not IIMs! B-School Survey ¬ 2021' to be your companion in your route to a successful career. We hope this initiative proves to a beneficial one for you!

All India B-School Ranking - 2021
ICFAI Business School
Management Development Institute
ICFAI Business School
Xavior Institute of Management
ICFAI Business School
Birla Institute of Management Technology
SRM University
ICFAI Business School
Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management
New Delhi
SDM Institute of Management Development
ICFAI Business School
Dayananda Sagar University
Gems Business School
Sagar Institute of Research and Technology
ITM University
KV Institute of Management and Information
SAGE University
Chitkara Business School
Institute of Rural Management
SRMS College of Engineering Technology and Reseach
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