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Question :I would like to enter in supply chain sector, Can you share me a brief job description about Supply chain and logistics?

Asked by: Sachin Ojha
Answer by Naukri Singh
Naukri Singh

You will get opportunities to work in planning and policymaking, motivation, evaluation, product development and inventory control. If your company large enough, you could focus on overall management or on a small specific area of the supply chain. Many supply chain specialists are now part of the team that works in product development, forecasting, and strategic planning. Most companies have become global both in their manufacturing and in their sales and this trend has made the work of operations managers more significant than ever.Supply chain and logistics MBA graduates get to work as general operations managers, responsible for budgets, hiring and training employees as well as equipment procurement and policy development. They can also work as logistics engineers who coordinate the flow of materials, information, and products for an organization. You may also end up working in manufacturing development and operations managing in production planning, forecasting, quality control and process analysis or in service operations, working as internal consultants and quality analysts.In short, supply chain and operations is a rapidly evolving field ripe with new opportunities.

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