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10 Most Promising Affiliate Marketing Service Providers - 2021

The digital trends have completely changed the marketing techniques. Today, with rapidly evolving social media trends and unlimited internet access, numerous Indian companies have built their own affiliated network. From SEO to branding, affiliates play an important role in optimizing the marketing strategy and reducing costs. Affiliate marketing has helped small scale businesses to create brands through increased exposure on a digital platform. It has found to be very effective in boosting online sales. A survey from Forrester Research and Pepperjam showed that 46 percent of...Read More

10 Most Promising Visual Merchandising Companies - 2021

Visual Merchandising (VM) has become very essential in marketing any retail business. A store derives as much of its identity, character and gravity from its physical contours, as from the products it houses and the individuals who interacts with customers there. Everything that makes an impact on the perspective of customer, whether it is decor, the shop floor & ceiling, lighting, music, trial rooms, staff uniforms or even the lipstick color used, is part of visual merchandising. Highlighting one's business strategy with highly creative solutions, visual merchandising...Read More

10 Most Promising Social Media Marketing Companies - 2021

This is the era of digital marketing and social media, which have become channels of connectivity for brands and business with their audience. Adapting to the latest evolving social media trends is necessary for the business to be abreast in the fierce competition. Proper marketing strategy is very important to stay ahead in the social media market, which is flooded with advertisements. The most popular reasons for using social media for marketing are increased acquisition of new customers, increased brand awareness, and driving conversions like leads, purchases and product...Read More

10 most promising Market Research Companies - 2021

In 2021, market research revenues were more than 73.4 billion, more than double as of 2008. The growing utilisation of social media and the shifting media environment will alter established market research methodologies. The increase of industry revenue is projected to accelerate by increasing numbers of companies that implement new creative ways between 2016 and 2021.

Market research is an essential component that attempts to understand its target market, uncover customer concerns. Given that the easiest method for entrepreneurs or company leaders to stay up with the trends in the market and...Read More

10 Most Promising Influencer Marketing Companies - 2021

With the successful implementation of products and services in the local markets, companies delve into the task of marketing them on bigger platforms. Solving the complex task of reaching-out to the most coveted and the remotest regions, influencer marketing companies contribute with renowned pioneers and famous individuals for conveying a company's product/service usage to the unreached. Not promoting directly to the shoppers of a big market, influencers help in creating awareness of the advantages the product/ service has. In modern-day marketing, influencers' marketing success is strongly based...Read More

10 Most Promising Digital Marketing Companies In NCR - 2021

Digital marketing boosts your business and effectively develops them and ever since digital marketing has taken over, it has totally changed how companies attract customers and generate revenue. In digital marketing, social media is playing a key role, and directing world's biggest brands towards utilizing the power of digital marketing. The COVID-19 pandemic has dropped us to a `new normal', and while doing so, on its way, it has done miracles for businesses by connecting them to digital marketing platforms.

In the pandemic situation, when all companies were closed and sales and other...Read More

10 Most Promising Integrated Marketing Communications Providers - 2021

Without integrated marketing communications, it would have been difficult for companies to promote their products and reach out to the wide-spread consumer-base in different parts of the world. Integrated marketing communications is the way of approaching creative solutions to ensure the different marketing tools communicate the exact message through traditional advertising, online marketing, public relations activities, sales campaigns, and email marketing.

Integrated marketing and communications help in building brand recognition and trust. When a brand reaches the target audience, multiple...Read More

10 Most Promising Digital Companies in Mumbai - 2021

The advent of online business expansion has boosted the economy even during the COVID-19 lockdown and some businesses were able to reach out to customers through digital mediums. The out-break of the novel coronavirus was restricted because of the offline as well as online marketing campaigns by different organizations. The digital measures adopted by the businesses across different verticals witnessed an increase in profits. Digital measures including digital marketing campaigns through social media marketing, search engine and pay per click marketing, video marketing, and email marketing have delivered a...Read More

10 Most Promising Experiential Marketing Companies - 2021

Businesses of different verticals were hit by the last year's pandemic badly and when focused on the spending of experiential marketing, it was a deadly situation as many agencies closed their verticals. As the government allows offline marketing campaigns in limited numbers, with several restrictions, the experiential marketing professionals hope that 2021 will have some benefits for them. Experts suggest that there will be a rise in the spending on experiential marketing this year, with equivalent strength and importance to both virtual marketing as well as offline marketing. When offline marketing is...Read More