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20 Most Promising Telemarketing Service Providers - 2018

One of the significant initiatives undertaken by the Obama administration to counteract the financial crisis of 2008 was to outsource call centres, BPOs, KPOs and Telemarketing services to India. What started as a strategy to balance the collapsing world economy paved way for millions of jobs in India, bringing in billions in revenue for the industry, and the momentum has carried on till date. Projected to grow at an impressive CAGR of 3.7 percent between 2017 to 2025, the Asia Pacific Telemarketing industry leads the world with a whopping $ 2,690 million estimated margins.

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20 Most Promising Publishing Service Providers - 2018

It’s astonishing the way publishing sector in India has kept its body and soul together against all the volatility and inconsistency of market over the years. Making the market further challenging are the price sensitivity and fluctuating & weak currency rates, especially since above 90 percent of the market lies in educational publishing and the bulk of that is K–12. But on the positive side, since we have the third largest higher-education systems in the world and corporate e-publishing market is flaring up in magnitude, the opportunities are huge and there for...Read More

20 Most Promising Advertising Technology Companies – 2018

Advertising is no more the repetitive ‘brought to you by’ on television anymore. Advertising has taken a new interactive concept where people can relate, see, and even feel the concept of the brand and feel it good enough to be integrated into their daily lives. With the turn of digital revolution, branding has become more accessible and convenient. Thanks to the technical reinforcement, advertising is now onmi-channel, reaching out to a wide spread target audience on mobile, laptops, tabs and many others. The technical reinforcements are the agents of change and the...Read More

20 Most Promising Inbound Marketing Service Providers - 2018

The one obvious thing that every marketer always cares about is finding innovative ways to increase customer acquisition. As technology trends and consumer behavioural changes go hand in hand, there is no relevance in sticking to the traditional methods of customer acquisition. Among the emerging marketing strategies, Inbound Marketing proved as a promising way for customer acquisition and retention since it allows attracting your potential buyers ever more and organically boosts your conversion rates.

The logic behind the inbound marketing is, instead of the old...Read More

20 Most Promising Creative Advertising Agencies - 2018

“Creative without strategy is called art, creative with strategy is called advertising” – Prof. Jeff L. Richards. Nothing could better summarize the importance of creativity in today’s advertising scenario. Due to the increasing cut-throat competition among various industries, companies are having a hard time reaching-out to their target customers, and thus are forced to rely on other Advertising agencies who have created a niche for themselves by offering a wide array of advertising & branding solutions. As per a recent survey by Indian Brand Equity...Read More

20 Most Promising PR Agencies - 2018

Nothing comes easy in this world where brands are crumbling down in a blink of an eye. Today, where an omnipresence in no more a luxury but a necessity, several organisations commit the gore crime of considering the essence of a professional brand presence to be a fleeting thought that might sound smart in a board meeting or in a press conference. However, reality is far from truth and a real professional expertise with industrial knowledge can do wonders in fixing the brand’s vitality deep into the corporate ground. PR agencies have, since the inception of industrial...Read More