By Sajay Nayak - Co-founder and CEO, Tejas Networks
Despite the fact that Indians have contributed immensely in building many successful global high-tech product companies, we still don't have...more>>
By Shridhar Mittal - CEO and President, iTKO Inc.
Realizing Virtualization's Full Potential Most large organizations are in the process of adopting hardware virtualization approaches during ...more>>
By Keshav Murugesh - Group CEO, WNS Global Services
The years that have gone by have been defining moments in many ways for the economies in general and the BPO services in particular. They ha...more>>
By Mark Settle - Chief Information Officer, BMC Software
Can you imagine saving more than five million dollars by reusing servers and dramatically reducing lead times for asset provisioning? What i...more>>
By Rakesh Verma - Founder and CEO, AgeTak
Small businesses and innovative startup ventures have made significant contribution in building and growing American wealth. During tough ti...more>>
By Manoj Gupta - Vice President, Nexus Venture Partners.
As I stand in the middle of a farmland somewhere in Baramati with a farmer who owns more than 40 acres of land there and see him smiling as ...more>>
By Marc Hebert - Chief Operating Officer, Estuate
As the new decade dawns, it?s a good time to take stock of a fascinating milestone in enterprise applications. ERP just turned twenty, just ...more>>
By Pardeep Kohli - CEO, Mavenir Systems
Wireless companies, have often tapped into resources in India to leverage talent found in the country?s growing wireless technology sector. ...more>>
By Nitin Joglekar & Jonathan Hibbard - Nitin Joglekar, Associate Professor and Jonathan Hibbard, Assistant Professor, Boston University Sch
Many observers have identified clean technologies as being among the key drivers of market growth in the coming decade. Diffusion of these t...more>>
By Mukund Balasubrahmanian - CTO, Photon Infotech
Enterprise 2.0 (E 2.0), as it stands today, is the most sought after buzzword. Experts have begun evangelizing it as the rebirth of Service ...more>>
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