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CCNA training course is designed by networking professionals with a combined experience of nearly 15 years in networking industry. The development of this course was the meeting point of all these networking professionals where they shared their magical ideas, concepts, real life experience and problems which resulted in this exciting course. As you all know, that Cisco is the market leader in the field of Networking, this course provides you a perfect launch pad for your career as a network engineer. Come! Join the gang and enjoy the world of Networking. CCNA training course is designed keeping only three things in mind; Simplicity, Efficiency and Coverage.
Simplicity - The entire course is designed in a very simple way such that anyone who just reads, watches and practices this training course would go on to become an effective networking professional.
Efficiency - This course takes you through a journey in which you will be learning and experiencing a whole new world to its fullest by putting in minimum effort
Coverage - No matter how we study, we all have topics to be covered while we do it. This course covers all topics required for you to become a self sustained network engineer.
CCNA certification is the hottest piece of cake in the IT Industry today and it will be tomorrow. This is an ideal platform for you to start learning computer networks and go on to explore more advanced features and ideas of networking in the future. As day by day the internet grows, the need for networking engineers will grow exponentially. Start early, learn networking and explore the countless opportunities in the networking industry.
We are very happy to know that you are reading this. This is something which can change the course of your career towards the right direction. We have designed this course such that a person with minimum or no prior networking knowledge is comfortable working with our text tutorials and watching videos to get used to computer networks. Join this course and wake the sleeping network engineer inside you.
All we expect from you is for you to have a PC or a Laptop so that you can read through our text tutorial, watch concept videos and work on lab modules which will make you feel at home with Cisco's networking concepts.
The structure of this course is simple; We have 3 sections- Text Section, Videos Section and lab modules Section.
1. Text Section - You will be introduced to all concepts in the text format in this section, all topics will be discussed in detail with an example
2. Videos Section - Videos of explanation of concepts with an example will be available for you to watch and learn.
3. Lab Modules Section - In this section you will be given assignments on each topic you have learnt. All assignment requirements will be based on typical enterprise and service provider network model.
Hiring companies have access to all the assignments and projects done by students so they can select best overall network engineers for their jobs, just not the students who score well in exams or can talk well in interview.

Who can take the CCNA training?

Course is open to working professionals, recent graduates who have BSc, BCA, MCA or Engineering degree. It is also open to current students in MCA and Engineering. No previous programming or networking experience is required.
Only requirement is that students have a strong desire to have a career as a network engineer and be willing to work hard and have fun learning and doing all assignments.

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