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A nagging concern by Indian IT industry is that students coming out of engineering institutes are not employable and industry needs to spend a lot on the fresh graduates to equip them with skills they are supposed to learn during their graduation itself.
In part this problem can be attributed to the lack of quality teachers, but in part the lack of engineering infrastructure is also to blame. This problem becomes even more gruesome for highly specialized fields like embedded software as good engineering infrastructure is required to understand the various aspects of embedded s/w. Lack of basic conceptual skills also hinders the research at college levels thus under utilizing the capacities available at college level.
How many engineering students see the practical implementation of interrupt processing at graduation level? How many of them are able to appreciate the intricacies of operating system? We intend to fill this gap by sharing the knowledge gathered by experienced professionals in the said filed through this practical oriented course.
Embedded software is an interdisciplinary stream. Development of embedded software goes beyond writing high level code. You need to have reasonable knowledge of underlying hardware and operating system for writing efficient and workable embedded software. The advent of simulation technology has obviated the need to have any real hardware for understanding basic concepts of embedded software.
For this course we will be using the simulator of a TI (Texas Instruments) DSP processor name C5402 and a real time OS named BIOS provided by TI to support DSP application on DSP's. Code Composer Studio (CCS) is the development tool provided by TI which we will use to develop and debug various programs.
Prerequisites for this course are C language and basic understanding of microprocessors and operating systems. Even if you are not comfortable with these concepts, take your own time to build an understanding on them as this course is not time bound. TI provides quality documents on the same. You will have access to all of them.
Embedded software is something which takes time to sink in. So be patient while working with it. The course content is developed by the experts in the industry, who has a minimum of 5+ years of experience.

Who can take up the Embedded training?

Course is open to working professionals, recent graduates & students. Only requirement is that students should have a strong desire to learn and willing to work real hard.

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