Cloud Computing and Intuitive Tools: The Next Game Changers in IT -By-Radhika Subramaniam
By Radhika Subramaniam - CEO, Emcien
Against the backdrop of snowy Atlanta the meetings rumbled on, and the compulsion to fit in the schedule as per the weather forecast without...more>>
A Continuous Effort to Solve the EDA Challenges -By-Sridhar Subramanian
By Sridhar Subramanian - Sridhar Subramanian served as CEO & President of PwrLite, an electronic design automation (EDA) comp
Power management has become an important criteria and every semi conductor vendor is on the scout for new techniques to achieve better power...more>>
Recovery: The New Testing Ground for Firms  -By-Anush Ramachandran
By Anush Ramachandran - CEO of Teledata Technology Solutions (TTS)
Due to the recession of the last two years, most IT companies have seen significant revenue decreases. Smaller outfits have either gone und...more>>
Incredible Journey -By-Saurabh Srivastava
By Saurabh Srivastava - Chairman, CA India
What an amazing journey my life has been. And it doesn't stop. Even today I feel I am just starting out because there is still so much more ...more>>
Firms don competitive streak via leveraging on data -By-Dhiraj C Rajaram
By Dhiraj C Rajaram - Founder & CEO of Mu Sigma
As the world today becomes increasingly data-centric, organizations are realizing the need for intelligent, data-driven decision making inst...more>>
Multi-level convergence: The Demand of the New Decade -By-Santosh Sharan
By Santosh Sharan - Founder and CEO of Keisense
Surrounded by a world of multi-level convergent media, there is a demand for separate technologies in terms of voice, data and video to syne...more>>
Cost-effective IT strategies to drive growth momentum  -By-Promod Sharma
By Promod Sharma - President and CEO of Criterion Systems
The current hesitations towards using public cloud services as storage will subside, cloud computing will become a norm both in the internet...more>>
Cloud, Collaborative Apps to Rule the Roost -By-Pradeep Rathinam
By Pradeep Rathinam - CEO of Aditi Technologies
The last 12-18 months have made businesses realize the need for better collaboration, greater agility in operations , and better insight int...more>>
Changing Labor Demands and the Role of Vendor Management Systems -By-Arun Srinivasan
By Arun Srinivasan - Vice President of Marketing, Fieldglass
All signs point to the start of a much-awaited economic recovery worldwide, led by an increase in demand for temporary labor and service pro...more>>
The Collaboration Tipping Point -By-Sudha Valluru
By Sudha Valluru - CEO of ViVu
Today’s business environment is becoming increasingly complex and virtual, making the days of holding office meetings with everyone in att...more>>
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