Outstanding Customer Experience: The Only Sustainable Differentiating ... -By-Kaushal Mehta
By Kaushal Mehta - Founder & CEO, Motif Inc.
The retail industry is witnessing an increased migration of customers from traditional brick and mortar retail to E-commerce (online retail)...more>>
Its 1 AM. Do You Know What Your Offshore Team Is Doing? -By-Samir Shah
By Samir Shah - CEO, Zephyr
You probably do because you are on the phone with them! For all of you working in some technical management capacity here in Silicon Valley,...more>>
Disconnect: The Root Of All Execution Evils -By-Raj Karamchedu
By Raj Karamchedu - Chief Operating Officer, Legend Silicon
These days are a mixed bag for me. Of late I have been considering "doing something bigger and better," in my life, perhaps seriously though...more>>
IT Services Rise Of Tier II Companies -By-Madhavi Vuppalapati
By Madhavi Vuppalapati - CEO of Prithvi Information Solutions
IT Services Rise of Tier II companies The Indian IT outsourcing industry is going through very exciting phase in its business life...more>>
DLP, Prevention Is Better Than A Cure -By-Bhaskar Bakthavatsalu
By Bhaskar Bakthavatsalu - Country Manager, India and SAARC of Check Point Software Technologies
Data loss occurs every day through corporate email. In fact, given the sheer number of emails an organization sends every day, data loss inc...more>>
The Great Indian Testing Dream..! -By-Pradeep C
By Pradeep C - CEO, Edista Testing Institute
Software Testing sure does present a great opportunity for growth for major Indian IT Service Providers. With 70 percent of the worldwide ou...more>>
The Changing Face Of Software Testing -By-Sashi Reddi
By Sashi Reddi - Founder, Chairman and CEO of AppLabs
As companies focus on deriving added business value from their IT services suppliers, more and more enterprises are trying to separate testi...more>>
Test Automation Framework – Challenges In The Ever Changing Technolo... -By-Ramesh Krish
By Ramesh Krish - Chief Technology Officer, Indium Software India
The Background Test automation has matured over a period of time; from the crude form of automated tests that were set up just to ...more>>
The Power Of Whole Brain Thinking -By-Prashad Deshpande
By Prashad Deshpande - Director, Empowered Learning Systems
How We Think Matters The image of the Titanic sinking, immortalized in a movie is a defining visual of how the unimaginable can be...more>>
A Case For Policy Initiative For Indian Fabless Company -By-Ganapathy Subramaniam
By Ganapathy Subramaniam - CEO, Cosmic Circuits
Abstract The worldwide semiconductor market is around $275 billion, and the India market is around $8 billion. The world market is...more>>
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