By Venkatesh Kumaran - Country Manager – India, WindRiver
After a flat growth over the past two years, the embedded industry is at an inflection point now and I see several factors driving this. The...more>>
By Babu Thiagarajan - Founder and CEO of QuScient Technologies
This might as well be the title of a hit reality TV show for such are the trends shaping the education industry around the world today. The ...more>>
By Girish N Basidoni - President & CEO, TestingCzars
Software testing is omnipresent & the importance of software testing is undoubted. Testing process is one of the oldest forms of verificatio...more>>
By V R Ferose - Managing Director, SAP Labs India
What if we found a ‘needle’ in a hay stack that is ten times the size of planet Jupiter, in less than a second? Think about it. Time is ...more>>
By Rajesh Subramaniam - Managing Director (India), Walden International
A vibrant economy, 1.1 billion people, a burgeoning middle class, 8 percent sustainable growth, robust legal and regulatory framework, and a...more>>
By Nihar Samantaray - CEO, Ignis Technology Solutions
The Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Aerospace Industry are poised for exciting growth today. Whilst it is true that SMEs are bein...more>>
By Chris Baker - CEO, Inatech Solutions
Never has it been more imperative for companies to tightly integrate their business goals and vision with their IT systems. The business env...more>>
By Vishal Gurbaxani - Co-Founder and CEO, Mobclix
I believe we finally are in the year of mobile. We’ve been talking about mobile and envisioning the future of mobile devices for the past ...more>>
By Seby Kallarakkal - Founder & CEO, Nabler Web Solutions
We define web analytics as figuring out how people interact with your company or your brand online, with the objective of optimizing this in...more>>
By Raj Kanaya - Co-Founder and CEO, Infineta Systems
New technology leaders are created whenever there is a significant shift in computing architecture. Over the years, we witnessed customers m...more>>
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