By Vikas Aggarwal - Founder and CEO, Zyrion Inc
Software applications and the underlying computing infrastructure are essential enablers of business processes in today’s technology-depen...more>>
By Shridhar Mittal - CEO and President
Virtualization is being used today by many IT organizations seeking to reduce their costs and improve overall agility. There are different t...more>>
By Dinesh H Patel - Managing Director, vSpring
Personalized Medicine is a key trend in life science investing, and is being driven by two converging factors. The first being the completio...more>>
By Kiran Hebbar - Partner, Valhalla Partners
The massive changes occurring in video production, distribution, and consumption has unveiled better investment options. Consumers are watch...more>>
By Shombhit Sengupta - Founder & CEO, Shining Consulting
Speeding through Europe either as a tourist or business person you may be pleasantly surprised to find how the Euro facilitates your travel ...more>>
By Hemir Doshi - Co-founder & Vice President IDG Ventures India.
Pre-VC Q. Should I raise VC money? VC money is not good for everyone- but only for certain types of businesses and entrepreneurs. ...more>>
By Chandu Sohoni - Founder-Director of Eterno-Infotech
Commenting on the emerging markets and use of cellphones, Bill Gates once said, “PC is the phone and phone is the PC.” In the same confe...more>>
By Rene Penning de Vries - CTO, NXP Semiconductors
For decades semiconductor developments have broadly conformed to Moore’s Law about the pace of productivity gains. This led to extremely f...more>>
By Naimish Patel - Entrepreneur in Residence, General Catalyst Partners
Despite recent trends in the global macro-economic environment, bandwidth demand continues to double every 18 months, driven by increasing d...more>>
By Anurakt Jain - Analyst, Draper Fisher Jurvetson India
DFJ focuses on two broad investment themes in India: the first focuses on the customer-led demand space, which includes sectors and large ma...more>>
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