EDA Needs More Inclusive Analysis At Lower Cost -By-Rajeev Madhavan
By Rajeev Madhavan - Chairman and CEO, Magma Design Automation
Today’s ICs include one or more processors, memory, and various digital silicon intellectual property (IP) blocks, plus analog IP such as ...more>>
Chip Packed with More Features at Low Cost Marks the New Trend  -By-Bala Vishwanath
By Bala Vishwanath - President & CEO, Physware
The system design industry is witnessing turnarounds at different levels. At the process manufacturing level is the concept of 3DIC Through ...more>>
Cloud Computing - The Medium for IT Momentum -By-Chandra Sekhar Bilugu
By Chandra Sekhar Bilugu - CEO, eGestalt
Gartner predicts cloud computing and active monitoring of security to be among the top ten trends. These technology trends will drive the gr...more>>
Top Ten Lessons for an Entrepreneur -By-Naveen Jain
By Naveen Jain - Founder and CEO, Intelius, Seattle
I've been an entrepreneur most of my adult life. Recently, on a long business flight, I began thinking about what it takes to become success...more>>
Mobiles Churning a Tech Revolution for Consumers -By-Anupam Arya
By Anupam Arya - CEO, Mobera Systems
Just a decade ago, in India, mobile phone was a status symbol in the hands of the chosen few. Many aspired for it but could not afford it. A...more>>
Everything that can be Mobile WILL BE -By-Raj Tumuluri
By Raj Tumuluri - CEO, Openstream
The power of mobile usability has brought success to AppStores of various mobile device manufacturers. Now, it is time to focus on the enter...more>>
The Internet @ 15 : It's Still about Performance -By-Anshu Agarwal
By Anshu Agarwal - Vice President – Marketing, Keynote Systems
There have been a lot of 15 year commemorations lately. 1995 was sort of the start of the commercial Internet as it's the year in which Yaho...more>>
New Trends in Architectural Designs Spur EDA Opportunities  -By-Deepak Shankar
By Deepak Shankar - CEO of Mirabilis Design
Migration to multi-core processors and new scopes in architectural designs are expected to revamp the EDA sphere where currently there is a ...more>>
Opportunities and Challenges for Information Security Companies -By-Rajesh K. Parthasarathy
By Rajesh K. Parthasarathy - President and CEO of MENTIS Software
Information security is no longer an IT stepchild but a mission-critical effort: a data breach has an immediate effect on a company's bottom...more>>
Cost efficiency: The Smart Trend Gaining Ground in EDA -By-Anupam Bakshi
By Anupam Bakshi - Founder and CEO at Agnisys
Greater cost of developing new chips (upward of $100 million) is pushing certain trends in the industry. Verification continues to be a big ...more>>
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