By Narendran Thillaisthanam - Associate Vice President, Photon
In about a decade since Agile methodology's introduction, it has gained huge acceptance amongst software developers and IT managers. Accordi...more>>
By Ajith J Pillai - President & CEO, Nous Infosystems
Higher wage cost, euro zone worries, currency fluctuations and fears of a double dip are posing more challenges to the already beleaguered I...more>>
By Ravi Jagannathan - Managing Director & CEO, 3i Infotech Consumer Services
Post my various positions over 2 decades, across the globe and across diverse business lines, in early 2008, I was given the responsibility ...more>>
By Mohan Hebbar - Vice President – Embedded Systems and Telecom at Symphony Service Corp.
Three billion – that is the estimated number of cell phones in the world by the end of 2010. That number excludes other types of access te...more>>
By David D'Souza - CEO, Moprise
Adoption of the personal computer by businesses has been credited with 30 to 60 percent growth in U.S. personal productivity in the 1990s. M...more>>
By Prathapan Sethu - CEO and Co-Founder, QBurst
SMBs and startups are the engines of growth in advanced economies. The Fortune 500 companies will continue to dominate IT spends, but becaus...more>>
By Rajiv Kumar - CEO, Rocketalk
The mobile space is going through unprecedented activity and innovation. This momentum reminds me of the explosion in the Internet space in ...more>>
By Dharmesh Thakker - VP, Advanced Technology Ventures
Cleantech 1.0 from 2004-08 was dominated by solar and bio-fuel startups, founded by semiconductor and biotech execs in many cases. Massive g...more>>
By Anjan Ghosal - Founder and CEO, Intellinet-Tech
The change in the communications sector has been remarkable in the past 5 years. The major reason for this is convergence of devices, i.e. u...more>>
By Kailash Ambwani - CEO, FaceTime Communications
As organizations begin to explore the possibilities of federation to realize the full potential of Unified Communications (UC), one will see...more>>
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