What is "Mentorship"?
Using dictionaries' definitions once again, "mentorship" is a formalized relationship between a "professional adult" and a "student" and established to enhance the student's career via building skills and knowledge.

Commonly, people think of a mentorship as a series of structured sessions, where someone of greater experiences instructs, provides feedback and "coach" someone of lesser experience.
Who is an apprentice?
Simply, an “apprentice” is someone who is
  • Counseled
  • Guided
  • Advised
Who is a mentor?
Mentor is someone who is

  • Trusted
  • Advise
  • Guide
Who is qualified to be a Mentor?
There are varying opinions of what constitutes mentoring “qualifications.”  Dictionaries define “qualifications” as follows: accomplishments, abilities, or qualities that makes a person suitable for a particular task or position.  The same definition can be used when seeking a “qualified” mentor.  Listed below are examples of “qualifications.”

  • Fully certified professional in particular technology domain for five or more years
  • Experienced in successfully running a business
  • Learned  people in the field of academics
  • Successful in setting up new business models

  • Assists in setting goals
  • Provides practical advice and instruction
  • Capable of bringing out the best in people
  • Can give fair, honest yet gentle feedback

  • Calmness
  • Positive and professional demeanor
  • Patience
  • A supportive attitude

Bottom line:  Only you can choose the best mentor for yourself.  Sometimes the selection process involves following your inner guidance or intuition.  You may also want to consider these simple guidelines when deciding whom to approach to become your mentor.  Choose someone that has the following traits and you have found a “gem”:

Find a mentor who:
  • Has interpreting skills you admire
  • Exhibits a polished professional demeanor
  • Possesses a warm and friendly personality
  • Can coach in a supportive and encouraging manner and
  • Is willing to coach you

Friendly reminder:  You can learn something from just about anyone.  It is, however, best to learn and emulate positive traits, practices and skills from someone who has had a great deal of practical experience and clear communication skills.

For apprentices
How to enroll for mentorship program?
Go to Mentorship link. Go to list of available mentors for a particular category for which you want to be trained and request a mentor whom you think would be the best to mentor you.
How to get the most out of mentoring sessions?
Plan ahead.  Decide what it is you would like to accomplish and think about the best way to achieve success.  Prior to approaching a potential mentor, make a list of the specific areas you would like to focus on and improve (i.e., specific analytical skills, business presentation, and so on).  Additionally, make a list of how you think you can logistically accomplish your goals. Suggestions

  • State your scheduling preferences.  For example, decide:
    • how long of a time period you would like to be mentored
    • how often you would like to interact or meet
  • State location preferences 
  • Describe how you would like each session to proceed
  • Suggest who will provide the materials to be interpreted   
  • Develop a sample feedback form. 

The more specific you can be about your expectations, goals, intentions, and preferences, the easier it will be to find the best match.

  If the person you approach is not able to accommodate your preferences, you will either have to adjust and compromise or you will have to move on and find someone else. 

While the goal is to be specific as you can be, you must also remain flexible. If you are clear about what you would like to accomplish from the overall experience, the more readily a potential mentor will be able to determine if they can support you in the way you envisioned.

When you find a mentor-match, set up a planning-session.  Make your first interaction for two of you agree upon structure, format, and schedule.  Discuss and agree upon each of your preference points, expectations and goals.  Ask your mentor to discuss their preferences, expectations and goals.  Devise mutually agreed upon feedback and evaluation forms.

For mentors
How to enroll for mentorship program?
Go to Mentorship link. Go to list of available apprentices for a particular category for which you want to be train and send a message to apprentice whom you think would be the best for you to mentor.
How to find apprentices?
  • Register with available four mentorship programs listed on SiliconIndia
  • Provide required information about yourself with bit of details on accomplishments, qualities and abilities
  • See the list of available apprentices for a particular category for which you want to be train and send a brief message to those apprentices whom you think would be the best for you to mentor
  • Let SiliconIndia community members know you are interested in mentoring.

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