Below is the pictorial representation of how mentorship works?
You can click the above marked buttons for registering with the mentorship program.
You have to sign in or sign up from here to participate in the mentorship program.
You can select the role and category, which you needs to mentor or get mentored in.
Once you are done with the registration, it will ask you to complete the profile.
Depends upon the richness of your profile our mentorship coordinator will approve your request.
You can view the mentors and send request to them from here.
You can write a proper introduction letter here to impress the mentor.
It helps the mentor to have a good idea about you.
Your mentors will appear on the right hand side.
You can click on the messages to view your previous conversations.
This is where your conversation between the mentor and apprentice takes place.
Mentors can view the apprentices and accept them from here.
Mentors can write here, why they want to select a particular person as his/her apprentice.
Apprentice and mentor requests will show over here. You can either accept or reject it
You can use the edit option to edit your category and delete your apprentice profile