Healthcare: A Challenging Yet Promising Market For India -By-Gopi Natarajan
By Gopi Natarajan - CEO, Omega Healthcare
The recent healthcare reforms announced in the U.S. have arguably been one of the most opportunistic business areas that Indian services ind...more>>
HR Meets Technology Asking The Right Questions -By-Sanjay Sathe
By Sanjay Sathe - Founder and CEO, RiseSmart
Effective management knows that people are the lifeblood of any business; talented employees are by far a company’s most valuable asset. D...more>>
Entrepreneurship Rewards -By-R.Subramanya
By R.Subramanya - Associate Vice President, Educampus
Identify a need and fill it is the business mantra today. It calls for a certain ability to understand requirements and match the standards ...more>>
Information Breach The Threat Is Internal -By-Rajesh Parthasarathy
By Rajesh Parthasarathy - Founder, MENTIS Software
Many define sensitive information as personal or corporate data like social security numbers or credit card numbers or sales figures. But se...more>>
The Emergence Of Eco-Friendly Computing Reduce, Reuse, Recycle -By-Shiv Kumar
By Shiv Kumar - Vice-President, Business Development, Zylog Systems
Staggering Statistics: In U.S., the Data Centers accounted for 61 billion kWh or approx 1.5 percent of the Nation’s electricity ...more>>
Facing Upto The Green Challenge  -By-Vikas Bansal
By Vikas Bansal - Director – Carrier Sales, India and South Asia
The case for ‘Greening’ the data centre Businesses today rely on telecoms and data networking to run their organisations but t...more>>
Enterprise Social Software A Trend That Needs To Be Tapped On -By-Jay Pullur
By Jay Pullur - CEO, Qontext Inc
Social software, as we all know, started in the middle of the last decade as a new way to enhance individual self-expression through media s...more>>
Planning Is The Best Way To Getting Ahead Of Today's Dynamic Business ... -By-Karthik Padmanabhan
By Karthik Padmanabhan - Country Manager, IBM Lotus Software
The planet may be getting smarter, but it is also getting more dynamic and harder to predict; particularly the business world. Everything fr...more>>
Games for Good are Good Business Too -By-Kunal Sarkar
By Kunal Sarkar - CEO, LumosLabs
Computer games now rival films as the greatest revenue generator in the entertainment industry, but games are being used for many more thing...more>>
What is Social Media Insecurity? -By-Gary Bahadur
By Gary Bahadur - CEO, KRAA Security
One of the greatest challenges to privacy and security in the next several years is Social Networks and Social Media. Sites like Facebook, T...more>>
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