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October-2016  issue     si100
Cover Story
Author: Chithra Vijayakumar
"INEFFICIENT AND DYSFUNCTIONAL." That's how Vinod Nair likes to describe the healthcare climate that prevailed in the early 2000s. For the Founder and CEO of PracticeSuite, who had spent a good part of his life working for tech giants... more>>
In My Opinion
Prith Banerjee -EVP & CTO, Schneider Electric
In this article, I would like to talk about IoT enabled innovation. At Schneider Electric, we believe that the connectivity of... more>>
Company of the Year
si Team
Our team at Mayosys follows a culture of working in-sync with fellow team members and lives by the philosophy that the team is... more>>
si100 2016
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Company Management Description... more>>
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Today, every enterprise is exploring the benefits of innovative business solutions with ERP software that integrates key... more>>
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As the waves of change envelop the Global Expertise Market, consulting methods and techniques continue to advance. It is... more>>
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Jaswinder Chadha, the CEO of Axtria laid the foundation of the company in 2009 with a vision to create cutting-edge data... more>>
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As the market is overwhelming with new technologies like mobile and cloud computing, organizations are unceasingly evolving and... more>>
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With more than 25 years of experience in systems and project management, Gopi Mattel, the CEO of CellarStone, has... more>>
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"Previously a single firewall would protect an enterprise's network infrastructure, today it is technically unworkable. We need... more>>
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A typical story of a traditional recruiter in the staffing industry-a recruiter scours the database and send 50 profiles to the... more>>
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CSoft Technologies was established over two decades ago based on a critical plant operations need for a central repository that... more>>
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Retail is a sector that is very much susceptible to disruption. The sector has faced intense overhaul especially after the... more>>
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Oftentimes, technology providers engage with third-party developers and partners who build value-added solutions and services... more>>
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With years of experience in distributing solar hardware, Deep Chakraborty, CEO, ENACT Systems noticed bottlenecks around sales,... more>>
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As companies increasingly move to adopt green technologies such as digital signatures in order to save paper and the... more>>
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Every interaction that prospects make along the customer journey tends to reveal valuable information about their buying... more>>
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"Public transportation service providers have to deal with a gamut of challenges ranging from budgetary constraints to... more>>
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As a former gamer, Manav Ratan Mital originally founded Instart Logic to serve the gaming industry, building an application... more>>
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As the largest mobile app development group in Africa, Kagiso Interactive sets themselves apart with their unique approach.... more>>
si Team
In today's digital age, strategies like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, among others, are helping... more>>
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While working as a SharePoint consultant back in 2007, Parth Patel, the Founder and CEO of KnackTek realized that being part of... more>>
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Documents are the currency of business. In today's global economy, document creation, review, and exchange are as critical as... more>>
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Enterprise technology is the most diverse and dynamic markets. Today, enterprises across various industries are looking for... more>>
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Business Continuity remains a key challenge for organizations. While organizations have made tremendous improvement in their... more>>
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For Umesh Jain, CEO of Nowanalytics, following a customer-centric business strategy and offering valuable expertise in the... more>>
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The transition from investment-intensive ERP systems to lightweight automation tools has become a strategic imperative for... more>>
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Earlier this decade, the nutraceutical market was in a relatively nascent phase, evaluated at $142.1 billion in 2011 by... more>>
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Having a high level of focus on the quintessential has been a recurring theme throughout V.R. Ganesh's personal and... more>>
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The increasing complexity of today's large B-to-B customer relationships has made manual collection and screening of relevant... more>>
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Today, organizations need to understand that proper strategic sourcing enables the procurement functions to deliver results and... more>>
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Indirect Tax automation projects take too long to implement, and they cost a fortune. The time and money some companies devote... more>>
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The genesis of Synerzip goes back to the time when Hemant Elhence was raising funds for his previous company and came in... more>>
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Digital Transformation is the latest buzzword and, in reality, it has been underway for a long time already. The current wave... more>>
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An avid chess player, Balaji NJL always thought five to six moves ahead while his friends were busy contemplating their next... more>>
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With data explosion, aided by the proliferation of devices, organizations have started looking at Big Data in a different way.... more>>
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For most organizations today, the vision of creating a traditional "Data Lake" usually ends up with the formation of a "Data... more>>
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Back in 2013, the Founder and CEO of Workato, Vijay Tella realized that companies were facing significant challenges connecting... more>>
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"The industry landscape at this point in time is really about a myriad of networks," points out Madhu Madhavan, CEO of... more>>
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Since its inception, TekCommands, a Michigan based software company, has based its work on a simple yet effective belief-a good... more>>
CEO Insights
Atul Bhatnagar -President & CEO, Cambium Networks
Choosing the right communications infrastructure strategy is vital to the success of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)... more>>
Anil Annadata -Founder & CEO, CodeObjects, Inc
In a traditional insurance systems project, companies spent significant time and resources acquiring software and hardware,... more>>
Prashant Kumar -Founder & CEO, TechBlocks
There is certainly a lot of hype and talk about IoT and all the attention is warranted! If "Big Data" was the transformative... more>>
Niraj Jetly -SVP-COO & CIO, NutriSavings
An epidemic of lifestyle diseases has spread throughout the U.S. annually, $700 billion, or 75 percent of total U.S. healthcare... more>>
Rama Dhuwaraha -AVC & CIO, University of North Texas System
The benefits of cloud computing for the education industry can only be realized if we align our education and IT strategy. This... more>>
Jawahar Kaliani -Deputy CIO, Department of Treasury, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) recently published a white paper, entitled "Supporting Responsible... more>>
Uday Shankar -CIO, BNY Mellon Wealth Management
The business of wealth management has gone through enormous changes over the last 20 years, and technology has played a major... more>>
Mohan Sankararaman -SVP, Deputy CIO, First Horizon National Corporation
Offering a different customer experience is becoming a challenge these days. Banks choose to buy and deploy off-the-shelf... more>>
Ramu Kannan -CIO, CityMD
At CityMD, our vision is to serve kindness. Our workflows are geared towards enabling all our staff to serve kindness in... more>>
Ramkumar Krishnan -CTO, Fluidic Energy
The world is undergoing a monumental shift to sustainable renewable energy, evolving both in the developed world toward cleaner... more>>
Pankaj Kedia -Sr. Director and Business Lead, Smart Wearables, Qualcomm Technologies
During the course of my career, over the last 20 years, I have had the good fortune to participate in three mobile phases: From... more>>
Ranga Rajagopalan -CTO, Avi Networks
More than half of today's companies will either cease to exist or be transformed far beyond recognition in the next 10 years.... more>>
Ramki Ramamurthy -VP, Application Services, Dell
DevOps got its name from its inclusion of IT Operations participants on application development teams. That's unfortunate,... more>>
Bhusan Chand -VP, Head of Practice at Fujitsu North America
We're living in a software driven society. If you need something done quickly and efficiently, you'll more than likely find a... more>>
Sanjay Choubey -VP-IT, Johnson Controls [NYSE: JCI]
Seizing Digital Opportunities in Supply Chain: We are aware of the impact of digital transformation across society in... more>>
Nari Viswanathan -VP, River Logic
There is so much data these days; some say it's just too much. In the field of healthcare, big data promises to reduce expenses... more>>
Suresh Ramakrishnan -VP, SAP Digital
The age of digital transformation is truly upon us and going strong. Every day, we hear of a new company with an exciting... more>>
Neetu Seth -Founder, NITS Solutions
How decision-makers can leverage their data to improve their business and their bottom line. At a time when digitization and... more>>
Roopesh Kumar -VP of IT, RxEOB
In today's information driven society, data is everywhere throughout the healthcare management chain. When it pertains to big... more>>
Ravi Ravichandran -Ph.D., Director, BAE Systems Technology Solutions
ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) systems consist of infrastructure that typically includes platforms and... more>>
Kamal Shah -SVP of Products, Skyhigh Networks
Any company migrating data to the cloud has to contend with the shared responsibility model. 64.9 percent of IT professionals... more>>
Sriram Padmanabhan -SVP, NIIT Technologies
By 2020, more than six billion smartphones will be in operation worldwide, becoming more pervasive than traditional landlines.... more>>
Ashok Upadhyay - IT Director, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization, Inc. (U.S.)
In the world of omnipresent social media and smart user-centric devices, digital technologies continue to redefine newer and... more>>
Aseem Chandra -VP, Experience Manager & Target, Adobe
India is largely seen as the world's next frontier for technology growth. I was reminded firsthand of the sheer volume of... more>>
Subu Musti -VP Mobile Solutions, Digital Payments Technology, MasterCard
Key Data & Trend As of 2014, There are more mobile devices on this planet than people (accounting for up to 1.5 mobile... more>>
Abir Thakurta -VP-Global Supply Chain, Havertys Furniture
There used to be a time when supply chains were simple, focused on planning, local manufacturing and delivering product to... more>>
Gaja Nagarajan -Executive Director, Cloud & Enterprise Apps, Maxim Integrated
Today's enterprise business technologies are offering interesting perspectives to Gen X and Gen Y consumers, and are becoming a... more>>
Krishna Narayanaswamy -Co-founder & Chief Scientist, Netskope
Enterprise cloud adoption is rapidly accelerating, not only in terms of migrating workloads to the cloud but also the volume of... more>>
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