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Synerzip Tailor-made Teams Accelerating Software Development
si Team
Thursday, October 13, 2016
The genesis of Synerzip goes back to the time when Hemant Elhence was raising funds for his previous company and came in contact with numerous venture capitalists. From his interactions with these capitalists, he recognized the R&D expansion challenges in venture-backed software companies leading to a need for high quality software development services to enhance their capability and capacity. Leveraging over two decades of industry experience in software development, Elhence along with Co-founder Vinayak Joglekar, went onto research and fine-tune software development strategies with cutting edge skills required for venture-backed companies. The brainchild of all the research and expertise was Synerzip. Currently working with evolving requirements, the company accelerates the product road map by simplifying the deployment of new technologies, and bringing the right technical skills and management expertise to clients. With a presence in Texas, Silicon Valley and India, Synerzip is your trusted partner for Agile software development.

Synerzip's cross-functional teams provide all the needed skills including UX, Product Ownership, Development, QA, and DevOps. Plus, their talented teams have experience across a variety of technologies, all of which benefit the clients. Synerzip's expertise ranges from microservices and responsive UI to machine learning and natural language processing.

By partnering with Synerzip, clients are able to quickly increase the size of their engineering team, decrease time to market and save at least 50 percent with Agile development teams in Pune, India.

Synerzip creates a software team tailored for each client with the skill-mix, including mobile, cloud, big data analytics and enterprise software. The team seamlessly merges with the client's engineering team; helping them develop software in a flexible, capital-efficient and frictionless manner. With Agile software development practices, the company empowers clients to strike a balance between 'how' to build software and flexibility of 'what' to build. "We help clients to smoothly and efficiently make large scale agile developments across multiple teams and time zones," affirms Elhence. Alongside Agile practices, Synerzip's core competency also lies in bringing together DevOps pipelines working on the cloud for continuous integration and delivery of projects.

Furthermore, the high volumes of transactional traffic coming from mobile devices have pressured companies to revise their legacy backend design with microservices-based architectures. In this regard, the company enables clients to derive value from the increasing mobile engagements with deep knowledge in mobile development technologies. The company also empowers clients to utilize containers and microservices-based architecture to scale large transactional volumes. "This robust architecture allows transactions to take place with a fast response time."

Pointing towards the work environment, Elhence remarks that the company is a 'learning organization' where employees learn latest technologies in the software development space and leverage them to empower clients. "Our work culture enables us to meet the dynamic needs of the market," says Elhence.

Synerzip is a trusted software development partner for a multitude of clients from various verticals including education, transportation, healthcare, fintech, oil & gas, retail, etc. For example, a healthcare client had a requirement to scale their software development teams in Texas for following Agile practices in a cost efficient way. Synerzip ticked the right boxes for them; delivered all the things for them to set up an engineering team with the required technology knowledge. "As an extension of the client's in-house team, we helped them deliver software to their customers rapidly," adds Elhence.

Making the Inc 500/5000 list for the 6th consecutive year, Synerzip continues to grow by adding upcoming cutting edge technologies and practices. "We make sure that innovation holds a prominent position in the day-to-day activities of Synerzip," explains Elhence.
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