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Developerprogram.com Developer and Partner Ecosystem Automation and Management
si Team
Thursday, October 13, 2016
Oftentimes, technology providers engage with third-party developers and partners who build value-added solutions and services on the existing package. To efficiently channelize the development environment for retrofitting and improvising, the technology companies build an ecosystem that can be leveraged by their developers and partners. But the prevailing lack of expertise that hampers the timely creation and management of a developer/partner ecosystem, without expending in-house resources, has remained a sore point for executives. Founded in 2001, "developerprogram.com has risen to solve this problem for technology companies by creating a suite of rich developer ecosystem products and people management services that cover the entire soup-to-nuts requirements of application and solutions development," evinces Bhavesh Patel, President and CEO, developerprogram.com.

"developerprogram.com's accretive experience of working with a multitude of customers has paved the way for a novel approach to the predicament," explains Patel. The company's business model, designed primarily around its dpEngine SaaS platform and dpPeople managed services, is highly responsive and reactive to customer priorities.

The dpEngine platform, on a granular level, is a role-based information access platform combined with a highly configurable workflow engine that can be rapidly deployed within a customer's infrastructure. "Readily available, our customer's systems are up and running with minimal configurations," adds Patel. For example, companies in the IoT domain, who want their technology to be incorporated in smart watches or other wearable devices, use dpEngine to reach out to device partners to develop custom applications.

Complete with administration modules, internal search engines, support ticketing, and reporting tools, dpEngine addresses a developer's or partner's varied needs. Post development, every software entity has to go through subsequent approvals, partnership agreements, and be brought to the market through ecommerce or other models. "dpEngine effectively manages and automates the entire developer/partner lifecycle, enabling efficient product delivery," delineates Patel. Alongside, a customer reaps the added benefits of dpPeople, developerprogram.com's value-added management service. With dpPeople, a customer can manage the online business ecosystem that revolves around tasks such as third-party resource hiring, on-boarding, and training. "dpPeople strategy involves consultation and careful analysis, and based on the observations, we kickstart the actual implementation of developer and partnership programs," states Patel.

Patel sets forth an instance of how a Fortune100 company with over 140 to 150 disparate technology product offerings spread across siloed environments sought developerprogram.com's aid to unify its platforms. "Before we stepped into the picture, the client had distinct portals and applications, and third-party developers were reluctant to sign up for projects and partnerships, as they had to comb through numerous portals to glean information," says Patel. developerprogram.com's team of industry experts analyzed the client's architecture and leveraged dpEngine to integrate the multifarious systems and formed a singular developer ecosystem that greatly enhanced coordination and employed a single point of access. "The customer witnessed an increase in third-party developer engagements and the company today encompasses over hundreds of thousands of developers and partners," adds Patel.

With considerable investments in product development and sales/marketing, developerprogram.com is set to expand into Industrial IoT (IIoT), FinTech, and energy management domains. Despite diversity in the nature of industries it serves, "bringing connectivity between data, devices, and software is critical to the survival of any technology company," comments Patel. "We do for developer and partner ecosystems what salesforce.com automates for sales ecosystems and processes".

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