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Mayosys Incisive Rfid-Based Asset Management
si Team
Thursday, October 13, 2016
Our team at Mayosys follows a culture of working in-sync with fellow team members and lives by the philosophy that the team is bigger than the individuals," explains Ramesh Srinivasan, CEO of Mayosys. This success mantra has inspired Mayosys, a company that specializes in providing RFID asset management and networking solutions to enterprises, businesses, and government organizations. They have built a great team with like-minded individuals who have a passion for technology and its adoption.

Cloud computing has become ubiquitous and adoption is only growing. With this comes the need to manage multiple devices and resources across a global landscape. Mayosys has come up with a single platform that can scale to enterprise levels and combines various technologies, such as RFID, BLE, Barcode scanning, GPRS, Wireless, WiFi, amongst others, that can interact with multiple systems seamlessly. This is the unique ability of Mayosys as they combine different technologies efficiently in their solution package.

"Having been a product manager at Cisco and close to customers' requirements, I have been trained to watch for trends and future needs combining different technologies out there. Additionally, the ability to roll up the sleeve and start coding these requirements provided multiple insights on opportunities, limitations and challenges. Combining this information yielded development for customer-focused solutions that can scale to future requirements as well," says Srinivasan.

With the help of its skilled team, the company serves numerous industries such as manufacturing, CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) and retail, wireless and telecommunications, and professional services. Mayosys partners with its customers to build high-quality customized solutions and offers strategic post-production support to them. "Our company takes great pride in its ability to provide organizations with rapid returns on their technology investments," says Srinivasan. "We treat quality as an imperative mandate and are committed to delivering nothing but excellence in terms of the caliber and reliability of our products and services. Additionally, the diverse experience of the team brings truly complementary skills that stem from years of experience. This helps us in going above and beyond customer expectations".

The Core

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a promising technology for automatic detection and data collection of mobile and immobile objects. RFID comprises of interrogators (known as readers) and RFID tags that are incorporated into a product for the purpose of identification and tracking using radio waves. RFID tags provide more sophisticated data protection and organizations can get accurate data stored on a long-lasting microchip and they have been known to be more expensive. However, with the massive advantages over alternatives, with respect to safety and solution integrity, RFID technology can still be very effective for certain applications where line of sight can be an issue. The increased adoption has reduced the price and is expected to be reduced even further. Mayosys' RFID asset management solution combined with location based technologies like GPS and GPRS are helping companies across the world to identify and locate their assets in real time. "Our RFID asset management solution provides the ability to read multiple tags simultaneously coupled with configurable rule-based engine for proactively recognizing occurrence of events-of-interest," affirms Srinivasan. "Mayosys' database supports large data sets, providing the ability to manage thousands of assets and inventories."

For instance, there were many complaints of laptops being stolen in companies operating in the Silicon Valley. One of Mayosys' clients had similar problems and wanted to prevent the theft of their assets. "We added RFID tags on the laptops and the identity card of the owner of the laptop," asserts Srinivasan. "Then, we created a code that had the ability to correlate the difference in timing of the two RFID tags on the laptop and the employee's identity card when they passed through a RFID reader." If the difference in time was more than two or three seconds at one door, the next door would deny access to the person and take a photograph for proof.

Mayosys's EATS (Enterprise Asset Tracking) Solution is not just into RFID technologies but they have actually built a hardware abstraction layer, where their solution can work seamlessly with other technologies for sensing like Bluetooth, barcode, or other future sensing technology that emerges. "We can mold our solution depending on the needs. For instance, in some places you need passive RFIDs tags and in other situations active tags. So, we offer a ubiquitous solution to our clients and are now in the midst of integrating this solution as an intelligent middleware (sensor-network stack) as part of an enterprise access router/IOT Gateway in a secure manner," explains Srinivasan.

The Road Ahead: Automation

Mayosys has a highly experienced enterprise software solutions team that includes developers, software and middleware architects, strategy consultants, as well as process and implementation specialists. Every deployment of EATS by Mayosys involves the need to accommodate integration with in-house custom applications as well as leading enterprise software vendor applications of the likes of Oracle, SAP, Salesforce.com, and many more. The company's design accommodates easy integration of each software component with applications running on the client's current platform. "Whether you're running off-the-shelf packages, customized modules, or legacy applications, we use the latest technologies to match the trends, proven toolsets and methodologies to help assure successful design, implementation, upgrade, management, and support," says Srinivasan. Mayosys collaborates with leading technology providers, along with premier professional services organizations to bring a complete solution to its customers.

Mayosys believes that mobile access to enterprise information is going to be the most critical need of the future, without compromising on security. Assets deployed by the company will be used by employees for company and personal information storage and retrieval. Separation of personal and company information on these mobile devices are another critical factor. The challenges of social networking apps gaining access to information on phones can lead to privacy and security issues. Therefore, enterprise solutions need to be aware of these challenges and select solutions that clearly distinguish between the company's confidential and employees' personal information.

The company understands that its solutions can assist in creating a seamless solution to fit the specific needs of its clients. Mayosys stays ahead of the curve, and follows the latest trends in Cloud Computing, Virtualization, SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS technologies. Each software component that the company builds and delivers takes into account the up-to-date technologies, and accommodates the features that its clients demand. Srinivasan adds, "Mayosys is on a critical juncture where we have proved our capability to key customers and have become their preferred partners; now we need to scale to adjacent industries and build a team that can carry the same level of customer satisfaction in the years to come."
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