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Whiteklay Driving Agile Analytical Strategies
si Team
Thursday, October 13, 2016
For most organizations today, the vision of creating a traditional "Data Lake" usually ends up with the formation of a "Data Swamp", since the information actually needed to drive insights out of business is not just ready as analytics wanted it to be. It is important for firms to arrange and structure their data in a suitable format to be used in advanced analytics technologies such as machine learning and Natural Language Processing(NLP). This is where Whiteklay helps companies to convert data into information which can then be mined by analytical applications. The company's flagship product Izac, an open source Information Data Store enables organizations to capture, transform, model, and combine information from various sources, enabling them to drive agile analytical techniques. "With Izac, all your data is properly organized, labeled, stored, and structured, making it conducive for business users and data analysts to access," says Amit Parija, Whiteklay's CEO.

One of the biggest advantages of Izac is that it can model data on the fly based on the existing ETL techniques already in use by an organization. The product empowers businesses to build a master data hub to suit their existing analytical requirements using the products' modeling framework and inbuilt key features. Izac's flexible and scalable data hub framework also enables businesses to architect a comprehensive Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), augmenting existing data warehouse architectures, and performing incisive analytics on prebuilt data models. This approach ensures upstream applications to be aligned to a proven data lake architecture utilizing open source big data and analytics tools to build a single source of truth.

"One of our telecom customers wanted to adopt a big data strategy and replace its legacy data warehouse architecture to reduce cost, improve efficiency, and gain better insights," says Parija. The customer's Call Detail Records(CDR) was a huge source of information and demanded the storage, processing, and analysis of the same. Using Izac, Whiteklay was able to provide a robust big data management and warehousing platform for the telecom customer. With Izac, Whiteklay created predefined and custom data models using a big data platform that supported both business and IT needs of the telecom customer. Also, Izac's ILM feature helped transform and analyze client's CDRs in real time, which maximized speed, accuracy, and portability of various business processes.

Apart from big data technologies, Whiteklay is also a provider of training services for the use of HPC. "We saw that the whole big data ecosystem was becoming so complex and understood that through our training services we could empower organizations on the adoption of these technologies without thinking much on feasibility," explains Parija. Whiteklay, then launched its training curriculum, designed around big data and HPC, which were delivered by skilled and certified instructors through virtual, public, and private classroom trainings. "Also, we will soon be launching open house, free trainings to generate more awareness among administrators and business users who work on complex distributed computing tools," says Parija.

As a next stage of development, Whiteklay has plans for building a feedback driven, self learning, intelligent informational data store which can create database models without human intervention. This system will have the ability to change its structure and populate its informational store based on the questions asked by the business users. "We have also made significant investments in building a strong team of data scientists and engineers who continuously strive in solving business challenges for our company," concludes Parija.
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