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HB Software Solutions Venturing into Future of Transportation
si Team
Thursday, October 13, 2016
"Public transportation service providers have to deal with a gamut of challenges ranging from budgetary constraints to procedural complexities," begins Himanshu Bhatnagar, Founder of HB Software Solutions. Bhatnagar narrates an example where a group of transporters for whom economical and mobile SAP clone-compliant with federal regulations is a necessity. In such scenario, a vendor has to design easy-to-use solution to solve ride booking and scheduling intricacies of the transporter. Crafting comprehensive solution is an uphill task as it solicits knowledge of regulations, Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as understanding the limitations of mobile devices. Expertise in creating transportation solutions endues Lowell, MA based HB Software Solutions(HBSS) to provide demand response/paratransit, fixed route, brokered Medicaid transportation, and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

"We are driven by the mission to transform transportation into an economical activity without increasing number of vehicles on the road unlike Lyft and Uber," states Bhatnagar. HBSS provides clients with its cloud and subscription-based Integrated Transit Management System (ITMS) 7.0 also called QRyde and furnishes advanced technology to lowest possible denominator in terms of affordability. The platform and device agnostic product leverages the power of HTML5, CSS3, iOS, and Android and allows clients to deploy and commence its usage within hours after deploying. The solution uses single database and provides interface with integrated capabilities of voice, web, mobile, and wireless communication. "HBSS bestows public transporters with a unified system and absolves them from the need of installing different devices for booking, scheduling, and payment," says Bhatnagar. The transportation management suite equips clients to provide cashless transportation service with its QR code-reading feature. "Our system scans QR code imprinted on pre-paid transportation card," states Bhatnagar.

Through its cutting-edge suite, which supports cashless transaction and online access, HBSS entitles people and communities to avail and utilize transportation facility. "We prioritize capability building to serve public and quasi public agencies and thus encapsulate those transportation service requirements in our solutions," says Bhatnagar. The company strives to orient its product utility towards being more community friendly and enable them to operate transportation services without government involvement. "Our people-friendly product is not only empowering federal transportation agencies but also mom and pop transportation providers next-door that operate small fleet of vehicles," states Bhatnagar.

"HBSS injects efficiency in operations, explores more passenger capacity in existing routes, restrains cost per appointment, and facilitated 6.5 million rides last year," says Bhatnagar. For instance, federal transportation agency in Massachusetts was daily managing 1,250 trips for medical transportation services. The agency sought technology upgrade, operational scalability, and service expansion. Managing large amount of data and scheduling rides and vendors was difficult for the agency. After deploying HBSS's solution, the client could meet the operational demands and manage 20,000 trips per day. Again, the agency could avoid monetary expenditure for technology upgrade, prune cost per trip, and increase revenue from $12 million to $132 million per year.

In the journey so far, HBSS has created success stories akin to the federal transportation agency through its public friendly solutions. "We look forward to launch a national veterans transportation network, with sponsorship of six states and integration of all modes of public transportation, to find low cost transportation options," says Bhatnagar. The company adheres to its core objective of innovating continuously to enhance its offerings. HBSS looks forward to set its footprint across the U.S. and subsequently foray into global market. "In the arena of transportation infrastructure, we aim to become largest transportation technology provider in the world," concludes Bhatnagar.
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