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Kagiso Interactive Filling the Void in Mobility Space
si Team
Thursday, October 13, 2016
As the largest mobile app development group in Africa, Kagiso Interactive sets themselves apart with their unique approach. They're tasked with navigating a merging market that's plagued by a weak economy and some of the highest data costs in the world. Perhaps as a result, they deliver 90 percent of their solutions to companies in the Middle East and the U.S., who outsource their work to Kagiso with the expectation of big results. Having worked for a who's who of names such as Marvel and Disney, Kagiso Interactive is a self-described 'local services provider' that does it all.

The developer offers a myriad of services to its clients that span from outsourced technical support to high engagement consultancy where they come in and help businesses realign their processes toward their organizational goals. They have 386 developers who are capable of working with ASP.NET, PHP and mobile apps. They even extend their consultancy services to transition phases, helping companies to develop disaster recovery plans for worst case scenarios. Through these services, they're claim to be able to cut down operating costs by almost 50 percent, and that's not all. Kagiso Interactive is one of the only companies globally offering a unique lifetime warranty and full money guarantee on almost everything they develop.

"One of the things that often happens is clients telling us 'hey, you know, we worked with Indian companies in the past and we lost so much money because they don't deliver on their promises.' It's a big problem, so we always try to develop exceptional software," explains Priven Reddy, CEO and Founder, Kagiso Interactive. The ambitious company is not only taking the already bustling mobile market by storm through their no strings attached policies, but also has their eyes set on future trends as well. "Generally the mobile landscape is focusing on iOS, Android and Smart TV apps but we've moved a lot into artificial intelligence and machine learning so a large portion of our RNDs over the past three years have been going into neural networking and deep learning," elaborates Reddy.

In a few days, Kagiso Interactive plans on releasing Africa's first artificial intelligence engine from South Africa. "We cut into artificial intelligence because we knew that with the advent of big data coming into the world the next evolution would be artificial intelligence to handle all of the data and those scenarios," explains Reddy. The company plans on merging their artificial intelligence engine and deep learning systems to create contextual awareness that will help them to develop "smarter" applications. This will allow them to deliver more advanced systems to their clients that previously weren't accessible due to troubles with upgrading the hardware in mobile devices.

But why not stick to the guarantee of developing apps in Africa? Well, with the high costs of data, Kagiso is forced to develop applications with compressed data, video and audio streaming, so it isn't always the most optimal solution. With that in mind, the company has its sights set on larger horizons. "In terms of big data, in 5 years, it'll be a completely differently landscape. It goes back to computing power. Our systems become faster and faster and data becomes cheaper so when AI goes into the market, I think it'll be a big space to play on," concludes Reddy. With big accolades behind them and a vast column of experience to draw from, Kagiso's plans to capitalize on big data reliant companies are bound to leave a blueprint worth observing for tech upstarts across the globe.
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