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Consultant of the Year - 2017
Oscar Wilde believed that an advice or solicitations have only one use and that is to pass it on. Kings had their advisory panel, Greeks had their oracles and even the mafias rely on the experienced words of the consigliere. Clearly, knowledge and expertise play an important role in defining operations and functionality of kingdoms and business empires. With knowledge being passed down from generations to generations, these advisors are the unsung heroes of the bustling development of the global industries that took shape during the Industrial Revolution. Over the years, these solicitations grew and...Read More
10 Most Promising Cyber Security Companies - 2017
Data breaches have turned out to be practically typical lately. Over the last few years, prominent instances of digital hacks have increased the demand for sophisticated software and security products. Companies across the globe are growing more aware of the potential threat which is prompting to a noteworthy allocation of resources towards companies that help mitigate such risks. The recurrence and complexity of these attacks is increasing and individual broker-dealers, and the industry as a whole, must make responding to these threats a high priority. Cybersecurity focuses on protecting computers, networks,...Read More
10 Most Promising Procurement Consultants - 2017
The process of finding, agreeing to terms and acquiring goods, services or works from another source is a critical step whose importance cannot be overstated while doing a business. Often involving tendering, this step determines the price, quality, quantity and location among other factors which will in turn determine the profitableness of the venture altogether. Procurement consultants’ role is also evolving, as they are being recast from organized entities for cost reduction to strategic enterprises which drive the value of the organization. The primary focus of any procurement organization is the...Read More
25 Most Promising Consultants from Mumbai – 2017
As a social being, the tendency to seek assistance in any matter that is not one’s forte is innate to humans. When this characteris scaled to an organizational level, every organization has to solicit a consultancy at some level where the in-house amenities does not suffice or fail to achieve the benchmarked outcome. Today, consultancy firms occupy a huge space offering almost all services that an enterprise may ever come in need of. With broad offerings ranging from business diagnostics to pinpointed provisions like UX/UI designing, consultants are virtually everywhere. As of 2014, India’s...Read More
10 Most Promising Immigration Consultants -2017
As per World Bank estimates, with three percent of the gross domestic product contributed by the Indians living in Persian gulf countries as well as the U.S., UK and Canada, one cannot overlook the value that immigration adds to the Indian economy. Being the top source of international migrants, with one-in-twenty migrants worldwide born in India, the immigration consultancy arena is also one of the biggest in the world. The reasons as to why Indians migrate in huge numbers might be anything among residence, investment, work, education, tourism, or business. With the dynamic and stringent norms that the...Read More
25 Most Promising Consultants from Bangalore – 2017
This is a competitive world; industries which were once considered the home ground of the established stalwarts of that domain, are now being disrupted by startups and SMBs who with their innovative offerings, customer-friendly personalisation options, and highly competitive pricings are gathering limelight. Clients who once outsourced their businesses processes to the corporate giants are now flocking these smaller companies and availing their services on a very large scale, and thus creating an internal cut-throat competition among these companies. On the other hand, realising that innovation and constant...Read More
20 Most Promising Corporate Architecture & Interior Design Consultants - 2017
The corporate office environment across the world is one of the most evolving spaces of all. The entire picture of corporate campuses is changing, with all operations being performed under one roof, focusing on interactions and promoting a sense of teamwork. The cubicles and fixed office seats are fading away and are being increasingly replaced by non-assigned seating, thereby increasing the percentage of collaborative spaces within organizations. New office furniture is being experimented; this allows flexibility in sitting as well as standing postures along with more lounge furniture and more informality...Read More
20 Most Promising e-Commerce Consultants - 2017
E-commerce has been the biggest game-changer for the Indian economy and it continues to evolve as we rapidly embrace newer technologies. Various factors such as wide range of inventory, ease, convenience, lucrative offers, cash-on-delivery, free shipping, seamless return policies, secure and convenient transaction system, coupled with lucrative offers have caused the spurt of online shopping in our country. With rising incomes and a greater variety of goods and services that can be brought online, buying over the internet is one of the most attractive and convenient mode of purchase for consumers all over the...Read More
20 Most Promising Wealth Management Consultants - 2017
The Indian economy has witnessed a robust growth over the last few decades which has helped the country's wealth management sector to evolve at a tremendous rate. Evolving as the fastest growing sector of the country, Wealth Management has managed to influence the revenue of the country as well. With financial advisors and wealth managers taking the front seat in the country's booming economy, their recent act of catering to other financial services in the remote of the remotest areas of the country has come up as one of the key projects of the current time. Instead of limiting their operations within...Read More