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20 Most Promising Corporate Advisory Consultants – 2018
Consultants are the unsung heroes who always remain in the shadow of any company’s success story. When a single advice has the potential to make or break a company, choosing the right advisory consultant for your business becomes imperative. A very competitive industry, corporate advisory consultants sector has recently managed to breach an impressive $11.5 billion (Rs. 73,800cr) in revenue and is well on its way to crossing the $12 billion benchmark soon. Growing at a substantial rate of 6.75 percent since 2013, the ever-evolving consulting industry is getting further diversified into performance-based...Read More
20 Most Promising Consultants for Startups - 2018
With the alarming rapidity of startups that are sprouting onto the great Indian entrepreneurial panorama, India stands amongst topfive countries in the world in terms of startups anticipating over 11,500 startups by 2020 that will change the pattern of business establishments in the country.Moreover, India’s promising startup arena throwsout a hopeful potential due to its market size as well as its strong governmental initiatives accelerating the startup revolution that is already witnessing a strong traction within the country. Nonetheless, despite entrepreneurial strength, as many as 90percent of...Read More
10 Most Promising Agriculture Consultants – 2018
With global population increasing rapidly, food and fibre demand with increased awareness of dietary choices has reached greater appetite scale. This transformation and multiplied forage demand has impacted agricultural sector worldwide, giving producers, processors and accumulators larger opportunities for increased productivity and industrial connectivity. Yet, we witness extensive malnourishment, producers whining for right commodity prices, and hence a larger gap between agricultural industry and transformative growth. Embracing this need for connected perspective, agriculture consultants have stepped in...Read More
10 Most Promising Environment Health & Safety Consultants - 2018
New Delhi, the capital of India, has been in the news recently for the wrong reasons more than right, and as air pollution is wreaking havoc on the citizens of this city, it does not paint a good picture of India on the global map. With global warming, alarming carbon emission statistics, pollution of all kinds seem like the precursors to the impending danger our planet is heading towards, environment, health and safety becomes a priority and the need of the hour. Expected to expand at a rate of 12 percent from 2016 to 2024, the global Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) market makes a lucrative business...Read More
10 Most Promising IT Consultants – 2018
Etching their excellence in not just recommending the best in class IT solutions to customers but helping them in successful implementation of these solutions by going in and out of the vogue are the IT consultants, in contrast to the IT services professionals. With clear perceptions about the customers’ goals, IT consultants assist them in reaching these goals on time besides moulding them to overcome the real-time issues across implementation and system operation. Right from performing the technology assessment of the customer’s current environment, crafting a robust and sustainable IT strategy...Read More
10 Most Promising Solar Energy Consultants - 2018
Recently in the month of October, the first-of-its-kind solar panelled e-boats commenced its operation from the Ghats in Varanasi while Rajasthan owns India-One Solar Thermal Power Plant, Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai holds the world’s largest solar rooftop and Kerala possesses the largest floating solar power plant generating 7.5 lakh units of power annually. Clearly, the potency of solar energy in India is proliferating with passing times thereby paving its way towards achieving the Government’s target of generating 100 GW of solar energy by 2022. Ranked fifth in terms of solar capacity, India is...Read More
10 Most Promising Safety Consultants – 2018
One cannot be too safe when it comes to homes and livelihood. While business owners might invest heavily in the growth of their organizations, they often miss on a very important parameter of safety. For some, it is merely a senseless ‘extra mile’ for organization policy that one can do without which unfortunately has taken fatal turns. Safety is imperative and to ensure that the organization has a risk-free working environment, employers or business owners need the aid of a safety consultant who harbor the innate ability to curate customized plans to ensure their clients’ safety and...Read More
20 Most Promising Wealth Management Consultants - 2018
In the recent times, wealth management is hovering as the new buzzword with huge prominence and boundless trust of organizations over the Indian financial services sector. This is because many new millionaires and heaps of shrewdly invested money are emerging in profusion among the growing asset classes. Moreover, Indian wealth managers are posed with a market accounting to $1.5 trillion investible wealth which is forecasted to double in the next five years. Hence, wealth management today is not just about enhancing the existing wealth of individuals but leapfrogging in sophistication and scope, generating...Read More
10 Most Promising Credit Reference Consultants - 2018
The recent rise in banks’ credit in India by 12.64 percent coupled with the surge in deposits by 7.61 percent casts light on the dire need for an effective credit reference among all organizations. Today, people are in fact overwhelmed by unsecure and bad debts like credit cards, medical bills and other debts without collateral, forcing them to consider professional help for a stringent debt management plan. Therefore, organizations require assistance from credit rating agencies that can seamlessly analyze their ability to pay back interests and loan amount on time as well as the probability of...Read More
20 Most Promising Recruitment Consultants-2018
The competition among organisations is at an all time high raising the demand for a compliant and reliable talent force. Additionally, the candidate of today seeks to digress from the conventional corporate life and demands for a better job culture & amenities that can either make or break the talent force of an organisation. These widely set demands are very difficult to cater to and quite often, companies find themselves at loss to gain the right talent that would be in alignment with their operational vision and is the perfect fit to the work culture. The expertise and experience of recruitment...Read More
10 Most Promising HR Analytics Companies – 2018
The HR Analytics start-ups are on the rise. The work of the HR Analytics platforms is gradually increasing and most businesses are looking for alternative solutions. Today, the ecosystem is mushrooming with innovative HR Analytics start-ups, which provides endless opportunities to businesses. These start-ups provide assistance to organisations in various HR functions like recruitment, payroll and employee relations among others, thus, ensuring smooth operation of their core business function. In addition to this, majority of the start-ups are integrating people analytics and machine learning techniques in...Read More
20 Most Promising Outsourcing Consultants – 2018
Transforming India as a main destination for high-quality and low-cost technology skills, outsourcing industry in the country has been lauded for being a source of wealth and job creation. Significantly imparting value proposition to Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) industry, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) segment has reached at a tipping point, where innovation, new technologies and global competition are defined as the main forces of change. In the field of technology implications alone, the emphasis on Process Automation, focus on Social Media Management tools and increasing investments in...Read More
20 Most Promising Insurance Consultants - 2018
The world is unpredictable. Be it from a business or a non-business point of view. And to mitigate all these challenges and risks, insurance has termed to be a key identifier that safeguards all interests irrespective of any grounds. According to a report published by EY, the Indian insurance industry is the fifteenth-largest in the world with a total premium of more than INR 400,000 crores. However, penetration and density have remained low, indicating the need to address challenges, which impede growth. Looking into the matter that broking is the only channel; however, the channel is still evolving and...Read More
20 Most Promising Market Research Consultants - 2018
‘Research is creating new knowledge’, once quoted by Neil Armstrong stands to be true today in present business context. Whether it is a large, small or a budding business, growth is imperative for all.  For any businesses to sustain and enjoy longevity there is a dire need for market research, an essential component that aims to understand their target market, identify consumer problems and pinpoint realistic competitors. Considering it as the simplest way for entrepreneurs or business head to keep up with the market trends and maintain a competitive edge by sizing the multiple business...Read More
20 Most Promising e-Commerce Consultants - 2018
Internet users in India are expected to reach 829 million by 2021 and this sudden upsurge of internet in the sub-continent became one of the vital factors for the growth of the Indian economy. Being the fastest growing market for e-Commerce, India’s e-Commerce revenue is expected to jump from $39 billion in 2017 to $20 billion in 2020 (i.e. an annual rate of 51 percent, the highest in the world) with electronics sector leading from the front with a share of 47 percent and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 43 percent by 2020. As the awareness of using internet is increasing, even Government has...Read More
10 Most Promising Corporate Legal Consultants  - 2018
The number of corporate companies in India quadrupled in the last few decades and as a result, revenue grew at a compound annual rate of more than 18 percent than the overall economy. The need of legal consultants plays a key role in the survival of any corporate company in this complex world of business. Hence, a host of legal consultants have risen in the past decade which guides the companies to take the right steps forward from the initial period of founding to all the way in setting up services, helping in registration, compliance management services and many more. Darwin’s theory of ‘survival...Read More
20 Most Promising Analytics Consultants - 2018
Its old news that  the world is immersed in the big boom of technology, encompassed by technical marvels of IOT, AI, Machine Learning, and many more. However tracking these technologies and leveraging the best out of these is a commendable talent, requiring the knowledge of not only analytics but of the industry as well, making the service provider, a true blue industrial expert. The advanced analytics market is predicted to achieve a valuation of $29.53 billion by 2019, making it one of the fastest industries to engage in developmental as well as economic progress. Thanks to the supple engagement of...Read More
20 Most Promising Learning and Development Consultants - 2018
Isaac Newton once quoted, “I don't know what I may seem to the world, but as to myself, I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the sea-shore and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me”. This constant thirst for knowledge has time and again profoundly epitomized its importance in various stages of human as well as societal development. However, in the zest for instant gratification...Read More
20 Most Promising Project Management Consultants - 2018
It may come as a surprise for many but the iconic and award winning, world famous Sydney Opera House is a constructional disaster. While the ideations and intentions were laid in right place, the acoustics and directions of internal designing was highly misplaced, making this iconic architecture digress from its core functioning of an opera house. These mistakes can be attributed to lack of appropriate project management skills. Many structural disasters are often a result of lack of proper managerial attention, leading to loss of capital, property and occasionally, life. Currently, the project management...Read More
10 Most Promising Healthcare Consultants - 2018
With a little over one million modern medicine doctors to care for its population of 1.3 billion people, India draws a picture of too many patients and not enough doctors in the country, as per the National Health Profile 2017. Amidst this chaos, the onus of assisting the business aspect of running a healthcare facility makes doctors incapable of standing the pace, thwarting them from efficiently performing their basic healthcare roles. This Everest of a hurdle was eventually conquered with the dawning of Healthcare Consultants- analysts in the healthcare sector responsible for scrutinizing a healthcare...Read More
10 Most Promising Financial Consultants - 2018
History evinces that great empires were not erected by mighty warriors but wise advisors. Pouring words of wisdom in the ears of Chandragupta, Chanakya was the hidden hero who ensconced the mighty Maurya Empire, likewise, the foundation of the Mughal Empire was shielded by the witty yet sharp advice of Birbal. As Chanakya to Chandragupta and Birbal to Akbar, are financial consultants to modern day businesses and individuals. With the age-old saying, health is wealth taking a mirror image, this millennium fanaticizes wealth as the greatest of assets. However, accumulation of wealth without the knowledge of its...Read More