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10 Most Promising Immigration Consultants - 2019
With the expansion of globalization across countries creating new job opportunities and improving life style, cross-border commuters are increasing around the world. This need has powered the rapid rise of Immigration consulting industry in India as well as across the world. There are a set of services that people expect from an immigration consultancy when they approach them. This includes grooming the client for interviews with different types of visa officers, helping them with applications and paperwork, as well as proofreading them to ensure they are error free. People expect consultancies to be updated...Read More
10 Most Promising Solar Energy Consultants - 2019
Solar energy is considered to be a safe alternative to replace the fossil fuels for generation of electricity that produces pollution such as air, water, land etc. India is a having a drastic increase in economy with a large number of people is facing a huge energy demand. The demanded of electricity has increased over the years and cannot neglect the fact of growing population in the country. According to the recent study, the energy formed in the country is majorly from coal which is 53% and the study also states that the coal reserves in the country will go beyond 2040-2050. Almost 72% of the Indian...Read More
10 Most Promising Maritime Consultants - 2019
India is always considered as a nation of major maritime because of the long coast lines around 7517km on the western and eastern sides of the centre land and also besides the islands designed with both 13 important and 176 not so major ports, situatedon the world’s shipping routes. India has a huge developing and lively economy which has a population of more than billion and has strong GDP growth rates of more than 9% for three repeated years till 2008-2009. Due to a global decline, the GDP growth decreased down to 6.7% in the year 2008-2009. With the emergence of globalrescue in process and assisted by...Read More
10 Most Promising Consultants For Startups 2019
With the density of startups multiplying at a frantic pace, India stands amongst top five countries in the world in terms of startups, anticipating around 11,000 startups by 2020 that will change the pattern of business establishments in the country.Despite the growth &entrepreneurial strength, around 90 per cent of startups fail within the very first five years. With the nascent market knowledge, limited resources, these startups struggle to execute their ventures successfully and witnessing hard rock bottoms. To overcome this and drive the business, they are in need of business consultants who enable the...Read More
10 Most Promising EHS Consultants - 2019
At present, enterprises are going beyond meeting compliance and stepping forward to maintain the environment, health, and safety, which are turning as a core component of every business strategy. For decades, this has been a responsibility of businesses and the concept of EHS rose up as a business initiative for companies that want to not only comply with regulations & industry standards but also be a better atmosphere, to furnish a safe and healthy environment.  On the path to protecting people and the planet, the role of the EHS professional has evolved over the years. While moving beyond...Read More
10 Best Fire & Safety Consultants - 2019
 Natural disasters have continued to plague mankind as well as nature. From chemical surge hitting explosions of several industries to Amazon fires topping the timeline of Instagram stories, every strike of nature has been severe and wrecking, be it incidents at offices, homes or malls. On this regard, the human minds are striving to mask the loss and taking further steps to spread awareness and prevent the occurrence of such incidents. In the recent past, fire & safety consultants have started venturing into the market, to surpass the effects of fire accidents and safety imbalance. These companies...Read More
10 Most Promising GIS Consultants - 2019
Geographical Information System in India is witnessing a massive growth with many government departments in the country employing the usage of geospatial map data and applications. As per a report by Economic Times, the size of GIS market of India is expected to touch the mark of $10 billion in 10 years. With the segment brimming with opportunities, many players are coming forward in lieu of capitalizing on the same and are paving a new path of development. Through their mapping and data applications, these GIS consultant firms are assisting people and organizations in everything, from urban planning,...Read More
10 Most Promising Recruitment Consultants - 2019
Recruitment has always been one of the pain points after independence with the growing democratic population of India. People across generations have suffered the lack of exposure especially in the less urbanised areas of the country. But slowly and systematically, the trends are changing. Recent developments imply that the recruitment industry is spreading its wings in the tier-2 and tier-3 cities and hiring is getting more and more organised. Various recruitment firms old and new are looking at expansion to these cities. A further magnified view reveals better facts. After enormous job creations in 2017...Read More
10 Most Promising Food and Beverage Consultants - 2019
India is riding the tides of change, impacting the business sector progressively. The food and beverage (F&B) industry is trawling in the market with huge nets, resulting in tremendous growth of the sector. According to a report by Market Study Report, the Indian F&B market is projected to display a robust growth of 7.2 percent CAGR during 2019–2024. Alongside the established enterprises, startups are also holding a piece of this huge pile of opportunities. But when it comes to business, the opportunities are always packed with challenges inside. The food and beverage industry is no...Read More
10 Most Promising Agriculture Consultants - 2019
Agriculture being the primary source of livelihood in the country, it contributes to around 16 percent of the total GDP and is expected to reach INR 99,927 billion by 2024. Even though the sector is exhibiting a plethora of opportunities at the moment, the agriculture space is still crippled with a number of problems that are hindering its growth. Backward technology, lack of education, reluctance of farmers and the faulty cropping pattern all these conventions act as big challenges plaguing the sector. For resolving the hardships in the landscape, many agricultural consultants are coming forward and...Read More
10 Most Promising Green Consulting Services - 2019
Introduction: This year’s series of natural disasters continue to rage mankind as well as Mother Nature. From floods hitting several states of India to Amazon fires topping the timeline of Instagram stories, every strike of nature has been severe and wrecking. And none other than humans are to be blamed! On the contrary, human minds are such that we are smart enough in masking our loss. In the recent past, green consultants have started venturing into the market, in order to create a safe and eco-friendly space for hotels, resorts, offices, institutes and other existing bodies as well. Green...Read More
10 Most Promising Learning & Development Consultants - 2019
From meeting several employee requirements to helping individuals to be on their toes, Learning and development consultants are reflecting significant growth in their true sense. An overall view of the outside world is provided to the employees, by encouraging them to learn about culture and values for leadership, redesigning of content and content presentation and so much more. The hands-on training doesn’t end here; training and development specialists help plan, conduct and administer programs for trainees and improve their skills and knowledge. Besides, in order to direct them to the right path,...Read More
10 Best Market Research Consultants - 2019
The Indian Market research industry is witnessing tremendous growth with the escalation in the density of businesses and startups. The emergence of sectors like Telecom, Digital Media, Insurance and others are helping the industry to scale up high by comprehensively analyzing market insights. A recent Industry Estimation report states that the overall market is divided into Full Services Market Research Agencies and KPO Services clocking around 18 percent CAGR. Effective research on various segments which would potentially shove companies to reach greater apex is continuing to get bigger. In accordance with...Read More
10 Most Promising Analytics Consultants - 2019
The unified power of knowledge, experience and data has churned out innovatory algorithms that have made business operations easy to handle. Organizations are incorporating these capabilities effectively to create significant value, improve their core operations and launch entirely new business models. However, further data-driven insights are required to understand the explicit obligatory of the industry and the clients. And this cognizance is put forward by Analytic Consultants who put to use their adeptness and deep domain expertise to contrive well founded solutions. They help leaders gain competitive...Read More
10 Most Promising Insurance Consultants - 2019
The unprecedented economic growth in the country has resulted in a huge advancement, and this uncertain world is prone to a lot of risks and challenges. However, the insurance industry is playing a major role in attenuating those problems on various grounds. One of the economic reports by IBEF (India Brand Equity Foundation) predicts that the Indian Insurance industry to reach US$ 280 billion by 2020, which would be driven by increased awareness, innovative services, and varied promotional activities. It also states that the insurance sector has raised around US$ 6.7 billion through public issues in 2017, and...Read More
10 Most Promising ISO Consultants - 2019
In wide sense, while large organizations and government are key clients, businesses of all sizes are increasingly seeing the value of management consulting, and their requirements and expectations are mounting up as a result. Research implies that a wave of highly stringent and complex government regulations in banking and investment industries across the Asian countries have increased the demand for consultants, as well as the desire of organizations to reduce operating costs and improve profits. With rapid advances in technology and population booms consultants are finding favour with businesses seeking to...Read More
10 Most Promising SME Advisors - 2019
It is the impact of the digital revolution that has made way for the visibility on a large scale for businesses all over the world. Be it a big organisation or be it small or medium sized enterprise, it has become a priority for everyone to have an e-presence in order to sustain in the market. In the wake of this revolution, the business ecosystem is witnessing the emergence of various SME advisors who have come forward to facilitate the SME industry and make way for their further developments. Being industry veterans and experts in their domains, these advisors are aware of each and every aspect that a...Read More
10 Most Promising GST Consultants - 2019
The era of GST has brought about some profitable news for the tax consultants in the country. The mammoth tax reforms that have been implemented by the government are the reason why tax consultancy firms, big and small are experiencing an extended rise in the demand of GST consultancy from clients across the business ecosystem. They are in need of consultants that can help them out with the reforms in the GST domain and execute the solutions smoothly. It is being observed that the large-scale consultancy firms that include EY, PwC, KPMG and Delloite are experiencing an exorbitant rust of clients struggling...Read More
10 Most Promising E-commerce Consultants - 2019
The unorganised sector of e-commerce has undergone severe changes in the past few years. The boom experienced in this sector has brought about a transformation in the way business is conducted in India. Smart phone penetration, even in the remotest parts of the country has made the accessibility to e-commerce platforms easier and less time consuming. The economy that is generated from the internet has a major backing of the e-commerce websites that are active all over the world. The efficiency of e-commerce consultants to provide end to end solutions to sellers is facilitating the growth of this industry....Read More
10 Most Promising Energy & Turnkey Consultants - 2019
The growth and development of the country’s energy sector has enticed many industry captains to set in motion ventures to regulate and puzzle out the various issues existing in this very precinct. In the last several years, power generation from energy resources and its usage has increased extensively. As per the International Energy Agency, India’s energy demand have outpaced global demand growth. This, however, has led to the emergences of concerns like installation of types of machinery, solutions, maintenance, and feasibility among others. To help people and organisations tackle these matters...Read More
10 Most Promising IT Governance Consultants - 2019
          Systematic implementation of uncompromising regulations by governments across numerous verticals like consumer goods, retail, telecom/IT and BFSI among several others  have brought the necessity for organisations, big and small to adopt enterprise governance and risk & compliance solutions. This is to ensure that the primary aspects of risk management, audit management and compliance management among others are addressed to in a logical and fruitful manner. The expected rise in the global enterprise governance, risk and compliance market will be 12.8...Read More
10 Most Promising Corporate Legal Consultants - 2019
Legal consultancy is one of the primary concerns for any established business as well as developing businesses. The corporate legal consultancy has been the driving force behind the appropriate legal functioning of corporations all over the country. Companies like Khaitan & Co. and Luthra among many others who are considered among the top corporate legal consultants in India and are also among the list of top legal firms have been adding significant values to their client businesses by providing dedicated legal consultancy services and helping them in their business processes. The emerging legal...Read More
10 Most Promising Financial Consultants – 2019
No matter how small the office or business is, the financial matters play a vital role in leading the business further. From trades, stock market, bonds, foreign investments and tax payments, the efficient flow and transfer of money in all financial matters is a symbol of a stable organization. In these crucial financial decisions, a thorough understanding of different financial products available and their wise use is a must-have for companies. Well, with a plethora of financial instruments available these days, it becomes difficult to finalize products that give short-term and long-term gains and are aligned...Read More
10 Most Promising Capital market Consultants - 2019
Growth of economy in the country has made way for several business verticals to come into the spotlight. The new accounting standards are giving more visibility to companies thus helping them grow along with the country. Capital market consultancy is one of the aristocratic services that have established its presence in the industry during the decade and companies in this sector are adding significant values to the growing economy of the nation. With the influx of start-ups in various sectors, the need for consultancy to the new players in the game has increased extensively. A new need to bridge the gap...Read More
20 Most Promising Healthcare Consultants -2019
In the past few years, healthcare has emerged as one of the largest sectors in India in terms of both revenue and employment. As consumers become more conscious towards their healthcare upkeep and providers reinventing existing delivery models to bring healthcare closer to the patient, the healthcare sector is slated to reach $280 billion by 2020. The industry is going through a major transition, where it is facing dynamic challenges and at the same time, is bracing itself for newer ways to drive growth. On the flip side, this vast and unique sector cannot be dealt like any other service industry. Starting...Read More
20 Most Promising Project Management Consultants – 2019
Post independence, India has witnessed the edification of several engineering marvels. Be it the construction of tunnel in wild mountains, modern metro simplifying commuting problems everyday or eminent solar projects operating for environmental good, construction and infrastructural development in today's era have set new milestones and are continuing the process remarkably. But what puts together unique project blueprints with simplified approach and cost effective solution delivery to structure a flawless project? Taking the credit are the project management consultants who employ deep expertise,...Read More
10 Most Promising Retail Consultants - 2019
Foraying into the retail space and setting up a new business is not for the faint hearted ones as it entails adaptation to digital disruption, advanced business models, ever-evolving consumer demands and a lot more aspects. The eminent acquisitions of Flipkart by Walmart, Heritage Foods, Lee Cooper & Laura Ashley by Future Retail along with the opening of IKEA’s first retail store at Hyderabadwill always remain as the bestmilestones in India’s retail industry. The recent announcement of the retail giant Walmart India’s plans to set up five-seven stores in 2019 is certainly another...Read More