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Top 10 Cards & Payments Consultants - 2021
The payment industry is constantly evolving. Gone are the days which we have to stand in long queues in banks for money transfer. Today, technology enables us to transfer money, sitting relaxed at home at any point of time. The cards have reduced our burden of carrying huge sums of money while traveling, which is also unsafe. Payment consultants help clients to keep pace and capture the opportunities inherent in this shifting landscape. They help in overall payments strategy and implications to retail payments services, cash management, and payments technology. Payment consultants provide expertise on...Read More
10 Most Promising Consultants for Startups - 2021
Getting started in a business is a complex task with so many unknown factors and challenges to face ahead. Having an expert onboard will improve the chances of success in the business. At the beginning stage of a business, the entrepreneurs give priorities to factors such as creating a minimum viable product (MVP), scaling the product or service, and overcoming the challenges of growing the business idea, which are very important of course, but there are chances for them to miss out certain important factors or strategies regarding the business. Consultants help them in charting their path forward, helping to...Read More
10 Most Promising Corporate Legal Consultants - 2021
The global legal services market size was valued $794.50 billion in 2018 and is expected to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.1 percent from 2019 to 2025. The increasing adoption of the Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) model by industries is expected to further enhance growth of the market. Corporate Law is a comparatively new field and opens door of vast opportunities in growth and career options. Backed by various government policies, India is attracting more Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and corporates to the country. India has been ranked 11th in the Global FDI Confidence Index 2018,...Read More
10 Most Promising Business Consulting Service Providers - 2021
Business Consulting industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India. There are over 8000 consulting organizations in India. The industry is growing at a steady rate and is creating more than 2.2 lakh jobs per year. It is a highly extensive, multi sourcing growing field with experts having wide financial and business knowledge, helping various organizations to embark on the path of success. With the advent of technology, consulting firms are adding digital expertise to their offerings. With the benefit of digital transformation, the industry has grown beyond a market size of $200 billion by the end...Read More
Top 10 Career Consultants - 2021
Career of a person is determined by the skills and education instilled in the person. With the education system changing and new job verticals diversifying, people are changing to acquire multiple skills to stay aligned to the skill demand and sustainable career growth. While multiskilling provides a person with multiple career options, it has also proved to be a confusing and complex task. Many explain that because of lack of proper career guidance and improper career suggestions by inexperienced individuals. Helping people in their career venture, career consultants are providing a plethora of...Read More
Consulting Firms of the year - 2021
The global consulting vertical is one of the largest markets in the professional service industry. On analyzing the trends of past five decades, it is evident that development of consulting industry is directly proportional to the growth of global economy. When organizations have flourishing economic conditions with high revenues and budgets, they are more likely to do high spending on consultation. The largest segment in the consultancy market is operations consulting, which accounts for nearly 30 percent of the market, followed shortly by the financial advisory segment. Technology Consulting, also referred...Read More
10 Most Promising E-Commerce Consultants - 2021
In the new business world, e-commerce consultants play an increasingly important role. It is their task to evaluate a business, to examine its place in a particular industry or market and to develop an e-commerce strategy for the company's promotion. In addition, e-commerce consultants will track the company's progress towards its objectives and change the strategy in accordance with the circumstances. An e-commerce consultant can expect to get an overview of optimising search engines, blogging, social media marketing, online branding and the different methods a company might take to sell a product....Read More
10 Most Promising SME Advisors in India - 2021
It is the impact of the advanced insurgency that has led to huge opportunity openness for companies around the world. Whether it is an enormous company or a little to medium enterprise, having an e-presence to support the market has been a need for all. The market climate is seeing the ascent of various SME advisors amidst this progress.  A subject-matter expert (SME) is a person who is an authority in a particular area or topic. The term is used when developing materials about a topic (a book, an examination, a manual and what not), also its expertise on the topic is needed by the personnel developing...Read More
Top 10 Most Promising Organization Development Consultants - 2021
To make any development in any field personal or for the organization we need some help and advice. Without any advice we can't get through life, even a small piece of advice can make things different. For personally the advice may look smaller, it may or may not be required. What about a company, or an organization? For organizations or company, we call them as a consultant. For that purpose, there are many persons who are working as consultants for many companies and they made it is their career. There is a huge demand for consultants in different fields now, finance, IT, every industry is looking for...Read More
10 Most Promising MEP Consultants - 2021
A MEP consultant is someone who is specialized in mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering. They are engaged with the planning, designing and managing components of a project. MEP designs are crucial for planning, design making, accurate documentation, performance and cost estimation, construction and operating the resulting facilities. Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing needs are the basic necessity of modern construction projects. Recruiting an experienced MEP advisor can make a huge difference as anticipated the value of the project. These days saving energy is an important criterion in...Read More
10 Most Promising Pharmaceutical Consultants - 2021
The pharmaceutical industry is poised to grow heavily in 2021, with shifting consumer accelerating e-consultations via live video calls between doctors and patients, online purchase of e-prescribed medicines by doctors. Also, some of the major health checks are completed without any hassles by the diagnostic centers as they are offering service of home sample collection. Simultaneously, the adjoined power of the internet, data science, connected devices, and artificial intelligence has fast-paced the digital transformation in pharma organizations for the improvement of the quality and productivity. The...Read More
10 Most Promising Retail Consultants - 2021
In India, organized retailing means any trade performed by licensed retailers. In simple terms, licensed retailers are the ones who have sales tax and income tax registration. In this section, the publicly traded supermarkets, corporate-supported hypermarkets, and retail chains are included. Some of the privately-owned traditional large-scale retail businesses that are in constant upgradation according to the market dynamics are also included in this. These retail businesses operate only in a particular part of the country and vary according to the different climatic and cultural, and language differences....Read More
10 Most Promising Food & Beverage Consultants - 2021
As per a report by Market Study, the Indian Food and Beverage (F&B) market is projected to witness a healthy growth of 7.2 percent CAGR during the period between 2019 and 2024. The F&B is flocked with huge growth due to the immense product development, floating recipes, and innovative ideas are driving the industry growth. With this, it is also attracting customers for relishing the flavourful and delicious food and beverages.  Hidden behind the enormous success of the food and beverages companies, there are the accurate and impeccable consultations offered by the F&B consultants. The...Read More