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10 Best Consultant Startups – 2016
You might have wondered that two startups, probably at the same stage, exhibiting entirely diverse nature in terms of showing up everywhere, even if they hold the same amount of talent, manpower and funding. One big contradiction we can perceive between those startups is that one could build a framework for triumph, while those secluded pristine were failure in nurturing the talents within. Many startups believe that the way to get into that competitive edge is hiring a senior consultant. Yet others go for trial and error. Both approaches are expensive, one in terms of cash and the other in terms of time....Read More
20 Most Promising Learning & Development Consulting Companies - 2016
The global Learning & Development (L&D) market is following a steady growth for the past decade with a major wedge of handout from heavy markets such as US and Canada. Being one the fastest growing economies of the world, India is realizing the importance of corporate training big-time, specifically SMEs and startups that have mushroomed in the last decade, to optimize their productivity and sustain market forces. But apart from the corporate training customs, the Indian e-Learning market has strengthened its magnetism and is anticipated to reach $40 billion by 2017. The largest revenue generating...Read More
20 Most Promising Business Consultants - 2016
Even though businesses typically possess a wide range of talents, with perhaps some predicaments, ameliorations within the business, in the revised economic climate, or any other blind circumstances, can entail a need that cannot be satisfied with existing talents within the business – need for a special consultant arises. However, many organizations believe that the way to get into the competitive edge is hiring a business consultant, while others go for trial and error. Both approaches are expensive, one in terms of cash and the other in terms of time. Year-over-year, the global consulting market...Read More
20 Most Promising Management & Strategy Consultant Companies - 2016
Disruptive technology, the rise of new business models, and the pressures exerted by intense global competition are transforming the marketplace big-time. Any entity without a cutting edge strategy & cunning management is identical to a ship without rudder. However, building a vigorous strategic plan and its successful execution demands an interference of top-notch consulting firms that apply several tools and unique methodologies to make the business successful. Unboxing the buried value residing in the intellectual know-how, strategy masters are allowing businesses to experience growth like never before....Read More