Top Foods to Boost your Metabolism

If you are a having a slow metabolism, instead of cursing it develop power to increase it. Exercise plays an important role in boosting metabolism...

Monday, 30 November -1, 05:30:00 AM IST

The Craziest Food Abominations of All Time

This list includes the nastiest recorded atrocities in food that have been made (or enforced upon the general public) in recent memory. Read on to...

Monday, 30 November -1, 05:30:00 AM IST

Brisk Walk Cuts Chocolate Consumption by Half

A brisk 15-minute walk seems to be the easiest way to cut down chocolate consumption by half at the workplace.

Monday, 30 November -1, 05:30:00 AM IST

Some Powerful Tropical fruits

Tropical fruits like Longan, Mangosteen and avocado are good in taste and people love having it. But apart from tasting good, these fruits also...

Monday, 30 November -1, 05:30:00 AM IST

Foods That You Should Try to Avoid

We are acquainted with the food items that we should include in our daily diet. But, how many of us are aware of the ones that should be avoided completely?

Sauce Tempts kids into Eating More Greens

World's Strangest Candy!

A Fishy Diet Could Stave off Alzheimer's Risk

Drinks That Are Making You Fat

Bad Habits That Make You Age Faster

A few bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol might be setting you on the fast track to wrinkles, fine lines and an aged look!

Ways to Make Water Less Boring


Immune Boosting Myths Busted

Eating Quickly Leads to Obesity

Eating Quickly Leads to Obesity