Eating Quickly Leads to Obesity

Wolfing down food can make you obese and slow down your day-to-day activities, a new study reveals.

Monday, 30 November -1, 05:30:00 AM IST

Coffee May Protect Aainst Cancer of the Uterus

Long-term consumption of coffee may be associated with a reduced risk of cancer of the endometrium -- or the lining of the uterus or womb, says a...

Monday, 30 November -1, 05:30:00 AM IST

Bad Things That Are Surprisingly Good For You

You can direct them to this list when someone whines at you in the future. So, go ahead and indulge in those "bad-for-you-remedies". In moderation...

Monday, 30 November -1, 05:30:00 AM IST

Top Food Magazines

Cooking has become a much easier job with the availability of numerous cooking magazines, which serve as a complete guide. They provide you...

Monday, 30 November -1, 05:30:00 AM IST

The Most Confusing Food Questions, Answered

While you might be wondering what "low-fat", "no sugar added", and 'low carbs' might is important that you know exactly what they mean before you enter the kitchen. Here are few of the most confusing questions answered to save you confusion

Egg Can Help You Stay Awake and Alert

Nutrition-Starved Bugs Become Resistant to Antibiotics

Shun Those Fast Food Breakfast Items

Sea Salt no Healthier Than Table Salt

Junk Food And Health Problems

Junk Food And Health Problems

Fast food has become more prominent among people of all ages today. The main advantage of fast food is that they are easily available and convenient.


The World's Healthiest Cuisines

Indian Cuisines Coexist, Promote Tolerance: Australian Restaurateur

New Delhi: Acclaimed Australian restaurateur, traveller, chef and writer Christine Manfield says unlike in the West, people in India live and breat...


Bar Food that's good for Your Heart