Indian Platter Goes Casual; Eateries Reap Bounty

The art of dining is changing in India as the well-travelled and cuisine-conscious foodie.

Monday, 30 November -1, 05:30:00 AM IST

From Food Joints To Helipad - the Business Of F1

These are just some of the facilities to cater to an expected 100,000 spectators of the inaugural Indian grand prix here.

Monday, 30 November -1, 05:30:00 AM IST

Laser Ensures Food is Fresh

Bread, fruit juice and many other foods are packaged in protective gas which extends their shelf life. But there is currently no good method to...

Monday, 30 November -1, 05:30:00 AM IST

Mindful Eats: 5 Healthy Snacking Ideas

So many people out there are harming themselves by nibbling unconsciously. So here are snacks you can bite on instead while watching television.

Monday, 30 November -1, 05:30:00 AM IST


Top 5 International Desserts

Who would not want to relish a cheese cake, mousse or a fruit salad after a great meal? Do you think you have had the best of the desserts?

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Vitamin E Supplement Ups Chances of Prostate Cancer

Daily intake of a vitamin E supplement, once thought to reduce cancer risk, increases chances of prostate cancer among men, new research says.

Food for Thought - Before that Karva Chauth Fast

New Delhi: Poonam Mehra, 27, will be observing her second Karva Chauth fast this year, but what is worrying her the most is battling hunger pangs a...

Best Foods to Beat the Blues

Best Foods to Beat the Blues

Secret of Cooking the Perfect Boiled Egg 'Cracked'

London: It is a question which has often triggered heated exchanges at the breakfast table - how long is too long to boil an egg? Now, a group ...