Outrageous Food Trends

There have been certain foods that have crossed the limits. From Pop Rock Sushi to Vegetable dirt, here are foods that have tickled taste buds and...

Wednesday, 05 October 2011, 22:22 IST

Mustard Compound Key to Becoming Lean, Muscular

A promising plant steroid found in mustard could help one become lean and muscular.

Wednesday, 05 October 2011, 00:15 IST

Fruits for skin!

With your skin drying constantly, exfoliating it is a good way to keep it looking great. Papaya is considered as a wonderful wholesome fruit as it...

Wednesday, 05 October 2011, 00:11 IST

Fish to Brinjal Fry...Take Your Pick at Puja

From piping hot luchis to khichdi with a Bengali twist to lip-smacking fish dishes, foodies are spoilt for choice during the five-day Durga Puja,...

Tuesday, 04 October 2011, 17:25 IST

spagetthi aid

Vintage Culinary Gadget Invention Fails

Things in the world of electronic kitchenware was not always unvarying, here are a few outrageous culinary gadgets that were ever invented.

Food Myths and Facts

Whiff of Curry Wafts Over Helsinki With 30 Indian Restaurants

Coffee Chases Away Depression in Women

Cuisines Give Indians Distinct Regional Identities

The Biggest Food Flops, Fails and Duds!

The Biggest Food Flops, Fails and Duds!

Brands fail for many reasons - poor marketing, culture shifts or straight down bad idea but major brands and food giants never learn from other flops! So here is a list of the best worst food that cats wouldn't steal out of your garbage.

Dr. Oetker Launched Vitalis

New Delhi: Dr. Oetker has recently launched Germany's No.1 Muesli Brand, 'Vitalis' in 4 Crunchy variants - Raisins & Honey, Chocolate Granola, Hone...

Great Indian Paan Chews

Bangalore: How often do you chew paan? However, while chewing paan, have you ever thought about which place gives the best paan and how it differs ...

5 Super Foods for Pregnant Woman

Bangalore: Should a pregnant woman eat for two people? Yes, it's true when it comes to the fact that a woman has to provide good nutrition for two...