Sip Special Tea Made With Edible Gold

You wear gold bangles, necklaces and earrings, but how about drinking some gold? 51 Buckingham Gate.

Monday, 20 May 2013, 11:26 Hrs

Now Sip Beer in the Ambience of a Coffee Shop

Fancy drinking a beer but not in the chaos of a pub? Here's the answer: A beer parlour with the ambience - and variety - of a coffee shop!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013, 12:18 Hrs

Dine at These Classy Restaurants Run by Celebs

Apart from our diversity in our culture and creed, Indians have a splendid array of delicacies that one would like to savor.

Friday, 26 April 2013, 13:55 Hrs

Take a Bite of These Unbelievably Expensive Foods!

Yes! The expensive price tag is not only restricted to homes, jewellery and cars, food has also come on the list of most expensive things that can...

Friday, 05 April 2013, 12:38 Hrs

Indian Eatery Shut Down for Serving Filthy Food

A kebab, pizza and burger takeaway in Britain's Greater Manchester, owned by three people of Indian origin, was shut down by a judge for serving mouldy onion bhajis and foul-smelling meat.

Now, A Food Fest of Flowers!

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A Mouthful of 'Tricolour' Dishes

A Mouthful of 'Tricolour' Dishes

This Independence Day, restaurants in the national capital are offering a taste of patriotism with 'tricolour' dishe.

Indian Cuisine Among Top 10 Most Preferred Food Across Globe: Study

Mumbai: Indian cuisine is among the top 10 most preferred food by global travellers while on holidays, according to a new worldwide food survey ...

Images of High-Calorie Food Create Craving

Washington: Viewing images of high-fat foods and drinking sweetened beverages lights up the appetite and reward centres in the brain. "...

US Spends More on Pizza Than on Space Missions

US Spends More on Pizza Than on Space Missions