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However, Bengal is not the only state of India where a bowl of fish curry or fish fry makes the most appealing meal.

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8 Midnight Food Delivery Services in India

Now human-owls will definitely agree than midnight or later drives our hunger mode. Biscuits, maggi, chips or chocolates – at times fail to...

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After soap operas the new TV cookery shows like Master Chef India etcetera are attracting the viewers like never before. Food is one of the basic...

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9 Food Trends Now Popular In India

In 2015 many such developments in India, and a significant one was in the food sector. The culinary habits and trends are transforming and this...

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10 'Desi' Desserts Every Foreigner Should Try

Living in the country, we never realize but India surely has certain attractions that no other part of the world bestows. If for tourist spots, Taj Mahal or Kashmir are examples

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