10 'Desi' Desserts Every Foreigner Should Try

BENGALURU: When foreigners come to India, they research a lot. Where to go, where to stay or what to eat – so that during the span they spend in this beautiful country they can get a feel and touch of all kinds of extra ordinary experiences.

Living in the country, we never realize but India surely has certain attractions that no other part of the world bestows. If for tourist spots, Taj Mahal or Kashmir are examples, then Gabra or Bharatnatyam are instances for dance form.

In the process of exploring the country to and fro, foreigners invest a lot of time and interest to try the best of cuisines from India. From starters to desserts they do make notes of all possibilities as there are culinary specimens that you get nowhere else in the whole wide world.

If you are a tourist to India from abroad or you have any friends or dear ones soon visiting you, then do make sure that these ten Indian desserts do not miss your list of attempts in India. Since ages, generations have loved these and you cannot be apart, reports Top10wala.

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