5 Seafood Thalis in India Worth Travelling For

BENGALURU: The culinary connect between food and Bengal is a famous one that has been known since ages. However, Bengal is not the only state of India where a bowl of fish curry or fish fry makes the most appealing meal. Several other parts of the country are as well fascinated by the essence and aroma of sea food. But they are not much recognized or known.

So, that during your travel across India you tend to experience the best of sea food meals, here are the top choices you have, lists HolidayIQ.

Goan Sea Food Thali

In local language this thali is called Sheet Kodi Nustea. With rice, you get a boneless fish starter called Kismur composed of prawns or mackerel, served with fresh grated coconut and golden brown onion. Another dry dish, Sukhem or Kalva follows made of clams in Konkani style. This is scrumptious and easy to digest. The fish curry of this thali is Koldi, which is tangy due to excess use of tomato and is usually prepared with Kingfish or prawns. If you do not like rice, then the Goanese bread is a choice. Its butterfly shaped and is called Poee. The dessert in this thali is Sol Kodi, a digestive juice made of coconut milk and is both sweet and tangy in taste. No Goan meal is complete without pickle and rava fried pomphret or Kingfisher fish.

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