5 Seafood Thalis in India Worth Travelling For

Bengali Fish Thali

Well, the hub of fishes definitely has too many varieties of sea food within a single meal. However consuming all with rice or polao (sweet rice) makes sense. You got to start with Bengali style fish fry or cutlet followed by fish curry called Maacher Jhol in their local language. The next is Hilsa with mustard, called Shorshey Ilish a very spicy preparation that is aromatic too. Next in queue awaits big or small prawns dipped in a coconut based gravy called Chingri Maacher Malaikari. The Bengalis has a special dessert prepared with fish which is called Maacher Tok. This is tangy and usually prepared with very tiny fishes. So basically in this you get to try so many types of fishes in so many forms.

Mangalorean Sea Food Thali

The coastal city of Karnataka has fish preparations very much influenced by South Indian cuisine. Thus all the fish items you taste in a Magalorean thali necessarily have some common ingredients like coconut and curry leaves, garlic, ginger and chili. You start with a Bangude Pulimunchi, a spicy and sour mackerel preparation with very distinct taste. Along with this you get a fried fish as available in the local market. The class of a Mangalorean thali rises if it’s served with Lobster neeruli, one of their absolute delicacies. A huge lobster is fried with all kinds of spices served with lime to nourish your buds and mood.

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